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Global Mobile Number Intelligence™ to Reduce Fake Accounts Prevent Mobile Fraud  Onboard Securely Authenticate Users  Identify Your Customers  Engage Better Verify Age

A leading provider of Mobile Number Intelligence™ globally. Trusted by the worlds leading e-commerce sites, messaging companies, banking and financial services companies to reduce fraud, improve onboarding and authenticate customers.

Know anyone without a mobile phone number?

No, we don’t either. There are more than 5 billion people globally connected to a mobile network, nearly 70% of the world’s population!

Using our connections to the world’s Mobile Network Operators plus trusted third party providers gives us access to a rich source of live customer information.  

That’s why mobile number and device Intelligence is crucial for effective engagement, onboarding of new customers, identity management and fraud prevention.

Why TMT Analysis?

With live access to the global telco network, plus feeds from trusted third-party providers, we offer the widest coverage and the most accurate mobile data on the market today.

We are trusted by the world’s leading customer engagement companies, e-commerce sites and financial services companies to ensure their customers remain engaged, safe and happy. 

Fastest response times – typically in milliseconds

Scalable - Ability to provide in excess of 1 million customer queries per second

Widest coverage – Access information on every mobile number globally

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our team has many years’ experience working across telecommunications, media and technology.

Tackling Mobile Identity Fraud In Financial Services

Fraud rocketed during the pandemic. With Covid-19 accelerating the trend for online shopping and banking, fraudsters were poised to scam consumers.

The main findings are below, along with the opportunities for Financial Services. You can download the full report below.

Engage With and Manage Your Customers Better

Our access to live telco data globally enables organisations to obtain rich and actionable intelligence to strengthen and validate users and mobile numbers globally.

Validate and identify customers globally.

Real time number validation and active user status.

Detect and prevent telephony fraud.

Identify the mobile network of users in milliseconds.

User authentication to verify your customers in seconds.

Real time phone number credibility score

Authenticate Mobile Users in Real Time

Our access to live telco data globally enables organisations to obtain rich and actionable intelligence to strengthen and validate users and mobile numbers globally.

Frictionless Mobile Number Intelligence™ In Action

Authenticate mobile numbers and users globally using Mobile Number Intelligence™

Using our live API we are able to verify your customers in seconds, providing a seamless and low friction service. 

Using live real time mobile network operator and telephony data we are able to authenticate and verify your customers in seconds. 

Engage with your customers more effectively knowing the mobile number provided is accurate and active. 

Verify your customers when they onboard ensuring the supplied mobile number matches their real world attributes such as Name, Age and Address. 

Ongoing fraud protection and monitoring including SimSwap and Port Out fraud.

Safer Customer Mobile Onboarding

Validate a Mobile Number

Customer mobile number checked and validated.

Verify Customer Information

TMT verifies name, age, address against live telco data.

Ongoing Fraud Protection
TMT continuously monitors and alerts to any changes.
Example of API code for HLR Lookup response

A Suite of Easy to Integrate API’s

Our simple to use API gives you access to all our datapoints and allows seamless integration into your workflows and customer journeys, quickly and easily.

Integrate in minutes
Advanced technical support
Easy to understand responses

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