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A Complete Guide to HLR Look Up Services

A Complete Guide to HLR Look Up Services

If you’ve ever been a victim of identity theft, you know the excruciating process of restoring and protecting your information.

It’s not just about the pains of resecuring your life. The aftermath of emotional distress that comes along with a violation of that magnitude can be challenging to sit with. As a business owner, you also recognise the importance of the proper handling of your client’s sensitive data.

While modern technology gives us an abundant world that meets all of our needs, it comes with a fair amount of risk. HLR Look up and mobile number intelligence gives businesses a chance to collect numbering data to strengthen the user verification process.

It would be great to live in a world where we didn’t have to consider fraud prevention. But we are here now, so we’d better adapt and evolve to keep ahead of the low-hanging fruit.


HLR Look Up Guide

Your business utilises digital marketing tools that are up to date and high functioning. You want your resources to be able to handle your cases as your business expands, adapting to higher revenue ranges and a larger customer base. To understand the intricacies of HLR look up services, we have to start with the basics.

Your smartphone uses a network carrier. And every mobile network carrier is connected to the global mobile telephony signalling network, often known as Signalling System 7 or SS7. This SS7 network allows carriers to communicate the necessary control messages that allow calls and messages to be created, routed, managed, torn down and billed for. As part of this global network of interconnections, operators use a series of Home Location Registers (HLR) to monitor when their users ‘roam’ outside their home network (for example when we travel) and this global network of HLR servers between them maintain the status of every active mobile handset, allowing you to efficiently send and receive calls and messages no matter where you are.

Why is this important? Just as operators will query the HLR to check whether a call intended for you should be sent to your home network or elsewhere, other 3rd party organisations can also use this critical real-time and accurate resource to check on the validity and liveness of a number to, for example, to combat fraud.

The fast, accurate and up-to-date information that HLR look up provides can serve a vast range of industries, offering something different to each business. It isn’t about whether or not HLR look up is the right tool for your business. It’s about which package can be customised to your organisation’s needs.

Because the global HLR network is not a single data source, more of a collection of interconnected ‘islands’ provided by all major operators World-wide, HLR accuracy is only as good as the data you choose to partner with.


Ensure Accurate Information

The evolution of identity protection is a challenge to keep up with. At every turn of the new year, we are finding new ways that criminals can hack into our secured information.

HLR or Home Location Register expands across every GSM/4G and 5G cellular mobile phone network. It functions as the main mechanism used to identify mobile phone numbers and verify which mobile network operator that they’re connected to.

When you run a search through the HLR it locates and validates mobile phone numbers across the globe. Put simply, a HLR check will tell you almost instantly that a given number is both real and active. From this, you can use the system to create a list of numbers that need to be validated and to cross-reference its network operator and locate, details about its status.

A phone number is the crown jewel of client information.

Certain businesses’ entire revenue stream depends on a database filled with accurate customer demographics. Being able to regularly check in with customers through text or phone calls is an integral part of maintaining client engagement.

Accurate information reflected means that you’re not losing money spending valuable minutes searching for the right phone number.  Whether it’s a current customer, a prospect, or a word-of-mouth connection, following up on leads and with your customers solidifies that connection and maintains rapport.

Those meaningful ways that you choose to connect with your customers are almost always through their telephone numbers. You can utilise HLR look up companies to help you maintain active information.


Prevention is Key

Whether you’re an e-commerce savant or a provider, fraud prevention should be at the helm of your model. These HLR practices are essential and intentional enough to keep your clients satisfied and protect their information in the process.

Utilising a fraud prevention practice in your organisation can help support growing confidence between your constituents.

If you’re an up-and-coming business that has investors, you know first-hand how seriously they take their money. Investors trust in your ability to generate, make critical judgments, and keep the profits rolling.

Engaging with HLR lookup firms is a good look. It helps your investors and long-term clients visualise the lengths you’re going to protect their money. Outside of finances, taking control and risk management means setting your organisation up for consistent future success.

When your business highlights its efforts to illuminate and reduce the risks of fraud, you gain traction and support from loyal consumers. It’s hard to identify vulnerabilities from inside the office. A team that can support your business values by zooming into the minute details is imperative.

Make a concerted effort to stay tuned with data cleansing and train your staff to utilise HLR look up to keep your client databases current.


Industries Across the Globe

We’re living in a world where texting people is the quickest, most convenient way to get in touch with everyone. HLR can optimise your organisation by creating a database that enhances your resources.

When your client has changed their phone number or networks, that deadweight can cost you time and money. Dead numbers can consume a sizeable portion of your database. And it only makes sense to pay for what is being received.

By utilising a HLR system you can reduce the risk of connecting with disconnected, fraudulent, and duplicated numbers. So when it’s time to run analytics and breakdown numbers for the quarter, your report will look better having reached active phone numbers that are connected to your clients.

From retail to the medical field, HLR look up‘s can be utilised by a wide range of industries. Retailers connect with customers for the latest sales, discount codes, and hundreds of ads.

In the medical field, connecting with your patient is a top priority. So establishing that patient’s phone number can help keep them connected to their healthcare providers. This can be especially helpful for folks that are elderly or disabled.

Of course, any type of data provider or call centre can benefit from the system for obvious reasons.



Today, we use our mobile phones for just about everything. We utilise social media to stay connected to our communities and friends. We work from our phones, we play from our phones and we expand our knowledge by the resources we find on our phones.

And perhaps it has never been more obvious how important our mobile phones are entering the last nineteen months.

Because of how smartphone-reliant our lives have become, they’re an integral part of businesses building relationships with their customers. Actionable data intelligence can be used to discover a lot about a person and their interests, and that information is useful in the advertising world.


Keep it Tethered

Regardless of your industry, your customer database is a gold mine.

It determines the strength of your business model, the consistency of your messaging, and who will be walking alongside you through the next stage of development. HLR look up is an under-utilised tool that can liberate businesses like yours from unnecessary expenditures.

With this type of support, your organisation will continue to thrive with clients that are reachable when you need them to be. If you’re interested in learning more about how HLR lookup can serve your business, connect with us today.

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