Mobile Intelligence. Trusted Data.

Intelligence and insight on mobile devices and telecoms networks globally.

As the leading leading provider of mobile network and device data, TMT Analysis provides daily market insight for those investing in telecoms networks globally.

Our extensive live network data, combined with our years of industry experience, gives investors a rich source of information and analysis on the performance of mobile devices and networks around the world.   


Telecoms Network Analysis

TMT’s real time telecoms market movement reports provide a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour now and in the past via our secure data transfers.  

Key Features
Telecom data available for most countries around the world
Shows daily customer movements between telecoms networks in near real time
Pre and Post Pay data available for some markets
Landline and mobile movement reports available

Mobile device and network data

Our daily global snapshot of devices in use and the networks they sit on ensures you stay one step ahead of changing consumer preferences.

Our reports allow you to see how a device make and model, chipset manufacturer or network carrier is performing compared to its competitors. Our daily insights give you view of global market share of brands including Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi as well as Qualcomm, Intel and Nvidia.

Key Features
Device Data available for most countries around the world
Shows total active smartphones and other devices in use around the world
Daily snapshot on the performance of global technology brands 
Includes chipset and network carrier data

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