Providing you with intelligence and insight on mobile devices and telecoms networks around the world.

Telecoms Network Analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of active numbers and customer movements between telephone operators.

Our daily insight of global network churn and routing data allows you to see in near real time the movement of customers from one telephone network to another.

Mobile device and network intelligence

Get a comprehensive view of active smartphones in use around the world.

Our ability to identify active smartphones, tablets and IOT enabled goods allows you to see how a device brand, chipset manufacturer or network carrier is performing compared to its competitors. Our daily insights give you snapshot of global market share of brands including Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi as well as Qualcomm, Intel and Nvidia.

Active device and network data

Ensure your campaigns and messages are accessible to your customers.

Successful customer centric marketing and messaging requires you to deliver fully optimised campaigns that people can access on smartphones and tablets around the world. And with more than 57,000 different types of devices in use a one size fits all strategy does not work anymore. Our daily global snapshot of devices and networks ensures you stay one step ahead of changing consumer preferences.