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Know Your Customer and Mobile Device Verification in Fintech

The meaning of KYC is ‘Know Your Customer’. It’s the process of a business verifying the identity of its customers. KYC is most often used in financial services, and it has been around since 1882. We will highlight the benefits of mobile numbers and mobile device intelligence to use for verification purposes.

In our latest ebook, we will be discussing the variety of industry tools available for businesses, how they work, and why they are important for the future of fintech.

Why KYC Verification?
The term ‘KYC verification’ is used to describe the process of confirming and verifying the identity of a customer.
Preventing Crime
As we've seen, KYC procedures are not entirely effective. Criminals have discovered methods to outsmart them by creating false identities or corporate shells.

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Tackling mobile identity fraud in Financial Services

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