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Discover If A Mobile Number Is Assigned To A Subscriber.

Real Time Mobile Number Lookup - HLR Lookup API

Live from TMT Analysis enables you to check the status of a mobile number and eliminate the financial impact to your company for routing voice and SMS messages to ‘not assigned’ numbers.

Live from TMT Analysis enables you to check the status of a mobile number and eliminate the financial impact to your company for routing voice and SMS messages to ‘not assigned’ numbers.

HLR lookup services provided by many suppliers rely on static information only. Static information can tell you if a number has the right format, if the number range that contains the number has been assigned by the regulator to a service provider and even portability information from a database. However, is where the capabilities of a static solution end and many HLR lookup online services are usually structured in this way.

Services built only on static data cannot confirm if a number has been assigned by the service provider to an end customer. Your company will incur charges from your suppliers if you attempt to route calls and SMS text messages to numbers that are not active since network resources are used to attempt the voice call completion or SMS delivery. This is why you should always look further than the basic HLR tests online.

Fraud Detection

Verify the numbers your customers give you.

List Cleansing

Ensure the customer mobile numbers you hold are still active.

SMS Routing

Check the network of any mobile number globally.

Accurate HLR Lookups in Real Time

Getting access to real-time information about a telephone number is increasing in importance since reduction of operational costs is essential to maintaining or increasing company profitability.

Live from TMT Analysis is a HLR lookup API which provides real time information about a telephone number, which is especially useful for SMS Business customers. Read our guide to find out how HLR Lookup services can help your business.

Why Use TMT’s Live Service?

The most important feature of a real time telephone number validation service is how many service providers are reachable through their bulk HLR checks. TMT’s differential advantage is our best-in-class coverage.

To achieve this we use a combination of high quality HLR providers together with our own Signalling System 7 (SS7) infrastructure. We have a dedicated team constantly testing and optimizing our routing alternatives to deliver the best mix of performance, coverage and cost. We have real-time coverage for over 165 countries with and without number portability, with new operators and/or supplier routes updated as frequently as weekly.

Increase your company’s profitability with mobile Number Lookups

Country/TerritoryCountry CodeISO Alpha 3Live Portability Coverage
Bosnia and Herzegovina387BIHYes
Costa Rica506CRIYes
Cote d'Ivoire225CIVYes
Czech Republic420CZEYes
Dominican Republic1DOMYes
El Salvador503SLVYes
Hong Kong852HKGYes
New Zealand64NZLYes
Northern Mariana Islands1MNPYes
Puerto Rico1PRIYes
Saudi Arabia966SAUYes
South Africa27ZAFYes
South Korea82KORYes
St Kitts & Nevis1KNAYes
St Lucia1LCAYes
St Vincent & Grenadines1VCTYes
Trinidad and Tobago1TTOYes
United Arab Emirates971AREYes
United Kingdom44GBRYes
United States of America1USAYes
US Virgin Islands1VIRYes
Viet Nam84VNYes

HLR API Country Coverage

To provide the most comprehensive cover we can we use a combination of high quality HLR providers together with our own Signalling System 7 (SS7) infrastructure. Our support team are constantly testing and optimising this routing to deliver the best mix of performance, coverage and cost.

Live Lookup Pricing

Live offers a simple per query pricing structure with tiered discounts based upon the level of credit applied to your account.

You can run individual queries direct from the portal or implement our easy-to-integrate API to allow fully automated machine-led queries to our platform.

Use Case – Customer Communication Cost Reduction

Requests received from a number of our existing and potential Business customers indicated that they needed a way to better manage the costs associated with their customer communications using SMS text messages.

They were concerned about the charges being incurred from downstream routes for sending of all messages, regardless of whether there was a successful completion. Their concerns were around the fact that they were generating a significant volume of requests for numbers that were not associated with active subscribers.

To address this industry need we created the Live service which utilizes real time network query access to determine if a subscriber is associated with a number. The query response of the service returns the current network and a subscriber status indication (if the number is present in its network).

This has enabled customers to filter out numbers that are not active before they issue their customer communications, saving thousands of GBP each time.

Simple API Integration 

Access Method: Individual web query or HTTP API

URL: Provided during on-boarding (including specific API Key and API Secret)

Output type: JSON, XML or CSV

Output provided to each query:

Example of API code for HLR Lookup response

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our team has many years’ experience working across telecommunications, media and technology.

Live Frequently Asked Questions

Live is the new Pay As You Go Real-time Lookup service from TMT Analysis. We are a leading provider of mobile numbering information and data globally. The service is available either via an online look up or via our API. Sign up is easy and gives you up to 500 FREE queries.

A query to the network provides up-to-date, real-time, information on whether a mobile number is active and which service provider it is currently connected to.

There are several use cases for real-time queries. If your business relies upon  customer information containing mobile numbers then you’ll know how important it is to be able to contact them. Retail businesses, call centres and sales departments may regularly want or need to contact their customers whether via a mobile telephone call or via SMS (text message). Having accurate and up to date information on whether a number is active makes your efforts more cost-effective but also compliant with GDPR and other regulatory bodies.

SMS Messaging companies sending large volumes of 2FA (Two factor authentication) messages or OTP (One Time Passcodes) also need to know that a mobile number is active as well as obtaining the correct and least cost routing for the messages they are sending on behalf of banks, e-commerce sites, airlines and ride sharing companies around the world.

Message Hubs – Sending large volumes of SMS messages to customers on behalf of banks, airlines and e-commerce sites around the world.

Marketing companies – Ensuring the mobile numbers you hold on record are still active is essential for good customer engagement and good ROI.

Contact and Call Centres – Subscribers change their number or service provide all of the time. If your customer mobile number databases are not regularly ‘cleansed’ they will contain old data. This breaks GDPR but it is also useless information for an organisation to hold, not to mention costly if you’re trying to contact inactive numbers.

E-Commerce, Insurance and Financial Services – Performing a real-time check on the number provided by a customer would validate if the mobile number provided is true and active. This enables you to engage more effectively with your customers.

Ported – provides an indication of whether the number has been previously ported from one network to another

              No – the number has not been ported

              Yes – the number has been ported

Present – can give a strong indication of whether a number has been assigned to a subscriber and is still in use with the mobile operator. It works by checking with the mobile network around whether the phone has recently ‘checked in’ with them. TMT Live provides the following possible states:

Yes – the phone has checked in recently.

No – the phone has not been in use recently (or at all), and

N/A –  there is no information on that mobile number available

Network – specific codes for both the country and the individual operator within that country which currently owns the queried number. You can download lists of these codes for each country directly from the portal.


If you send calls or SMS messages, then the chances are that you can save yourself time and money as well as guaranteeing delivery if you know what operator to send a message to before you send it.

Globally a high percentage of people have at one time or another moved operators. Our Mobile Number Portability database captures all these moves globally, ensuring you know the correct network to send a message to every time.

Within your account you get access to two different services:

TMT Live – Our Real-time Lookup service and
TMT Velocity – Our superfast A2P SMS Mobile Number Portability Lookup service which tells you the current  network to which a number is connected.

Velocity NP routing countries are defined by those where we have access to the centralised movement data. Not all countries around the World have number porting enabled or if they do (for example in the United Kingdom) they do not have central databases. For those countries without portability enabled our Velocity service will provide the service provider based on the number range data that is available.

Coverage for the Live service and NP routing countries without central databases is determined by which countries/mobile operators respond to our signaling network queries. Prices for the services differ because the cost structure is different.

No, once you have signed up you can query individual numbers directly from our customer portal. If you use machine processes, then you can connect via our HTTP API and submit either Velocity NP routing queries or Live queries directly. In addition, we are working to launch a batch upload capability where you can send blocks of numbers directly from Excel, which will be available shortly.

Once registered our service is offered via credits on a Pay as You Go model.

Credits can be added via PayPal or credit card through our online portal. If you request a query but have insufficient credits on your account you will receive a response back showing insufficient credit. Through the portal you can configure balance alerts to remind you when credit is running low.

An SS7 check refers to the process of testing the security of the Signaling System 7 (SS7) network. The SS7 network is a signaling protocol that is used to set up and tear down telephone calls and text messaging.

A Home Location Register (HLR) check and an SS7 check are both methods used to test the security of telecommunications networks, but they focus on different aspects of the network. A HLR check is focused on verifying the status of mobile devices, while an SS7 check is focused on identifying security vulnerabilities in the network itself.

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