5G and Coronavirus.

24th April 2020

By Neil Downing, VP Products at TMT Analysis.

We’re all living in a strange World at the moment, where things that were the norm until only a few weeks ago seem strangely distant in our memories already. As with any other aspect of our lives, the COVID-19 Pandemic is showing Social Media as a powerful force for both good and evil, but one story that has really concerned us, and impacts the whole of the Telecommunications industry is the ‘theory’ that links the emergence of COVID-19 with the rollout of 5G networks!

We won’t add any more fuel to the theory by discussing its already scientifically discredited points, but it has clearly inspired enough people that over the last couple of weeks dozens of attacks on 5G masts have been reported.

Aside from the fact that we’d encourage anyone to check these kind of theories themselves before reaching for the petrol and matches, it also sets a more worrying tone. For a start, can the average conspiracy theory enthusiast tell a 5G mast from the older 4G (or 3G) technology? Even if you feel justified in your attack, by disabling the current technology aren’t you potentially harming the ability of the country to deal with the current pandemic by knocking our normal mobile infrastructure?

Like the whole of the telecommunications industry, our aim is to serve, and many dedicated people are working round-the-clock to adapt to the changing needs that have come about from our change in lifestyle, so please support them, and if you meet anyone that’s fired up with this theory, do your best to educate. After all, infection rates are now falling in many countries, despite 5G still being tuned on, not to mention the fact that countries without 5G do still have Coronavirus ought to tell us something right?

Stay safe


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