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Don’t only look to the C-Suite for help

By Neelam Nasir, Legal Counsel at TMT Analysis 

One of the key challenges when implementing regulatory change is getting the absolute, unequivocal buy in (surprisingly not only from the C – Suite) from the sales team who manage the transactional work. Regulatory changes affecting businesses involve raising awareness of the new rules but also taking a step back and explaining why the existing rules have changed.

The 2021 new EU Standard Contractual Clauses have been a solid focus at TMT Analysis.

Our new service “Verify” had launched and rather than discuss international data transfers at the end of the sales process, TMT has made the new EU Standard Contractual Clauses and the necessary Transfer Impact Assessment a primary focus from the outset.

Whilst the new rules and paperwork are certainly more prescriptive, once broken down, they are, in their barest format, a strict process that must be unwaveringly followed. For new processes to work, Legal must have fulfilled its advisory role and in this regard TMT Sales and Product staff were invited to join a presentation at the beginning of the year for all matters relating to the new EU Standard Contractual Clauses and Transfer Impact Assessments.

With that knowledge “banked”, sales negotiations have been smoother and at the very outset TMT has been able to share with its customers, the relevant module of the EU Standard Contractual Clauses along with a template Transfer Impact Assessment for review alongside (where applicable) the UK Addendum.

As GDPR continues to evolve, the belief that data protection is a matter exclusively for Legal is being pushed aside. The reality is that GDPR requires a holistic approach with all the relevant touch points within a business and TMT’s sales team is leading the way.



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