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Delivering content in this digital age

By Denisse Enache, Global Account Manager at TMT Analysis.

The Importance Of Effective Content Delivery

The floodgates are well and truly open: enterprises and their customers have a myriad of digital channels available to them but their sheer number can lead to confusion. Add to this already complicated equation the fact that people feel busier than they have ever been before, and the net result is that clarity and succinctness in business messaging has never been as important as it is today.

Consumers demand relevance at every turn and marketing, transactional and informative updates from brands add real value to their lives. Should they feel pressured by the number of interactions they receive and find precious little value in the content itself, then their loyalty can be sorely tested.

We’ve all heard just some of the following terms: time-poor, time-starved, time scarcity, time poverty, time pressure, leisure gap, cult of busyness, harried and over scheduled. Many people have this overriding feeling that they’re ‘pressed for time’, that there’s ‘never enough time in the day’ and that they are constantly ‘running out of time’.

Whilst the very essence of time has not changed, people feel busier in this digital age. This absolutely has to be recognised by brands and the single, most important factor consumers view as being important to them when interacting with companies is that – you guessed it – their time is valued.

During 1983’s International Design Conference in Aspen, Steve Jobs foresaw a future in which each person had “an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you that you can learn how to use in 20 minutes”. He wasn’t wrong, was he.

A typical smartphone user now has between 60 and 90 apps downloaded yet spends the majority of their time using just a handful of them daily. There’s huge competition amongst apps for peoples’ attention.

If you sit back and think a moment, there truly is an app for just about everything today. With the App Store home to over 1.9 million apps and with the Google Play store having north of 2.8 million on its shelves, it can justifiably feel that every business has a mobile app.

It’s easy to understand just how tempting it can be for businesses to join the app roadshow. Anything that has the potential to gain businesses traction with customers has to be a positive. But given the competing mobile engagement channels out there (A2P SMS, chat apps, email and voice to name but a few), an app has to offer something beyond the functionality of a mobile-optimised website. It has to add real value.

Any enterprise relying on their app alone as their principal means for conversing with their clients is missing a trick. A2P SMS (with engagement rates of 95+%) absolutely needs to figure in any engagement strategy but whilst enterprises need to support all the channels their customers feel most comfortable with, the temptation to go overboard and hit the same customer broadside using multiple channels at the same time needs to be kept well in check.

Ensure The Accurate Routing Of Your A2P SMS Messages

Effective client engagement is not an easy ask but A2P SMS is ubiquitous and a channel billions inherently feel comfortable with. As do we at TMT Analysis.

We are the leading provider of global mobile numbering intelligence and our data powers many of the world’s leading A2P SMS Messaging companies, ensuring billions of SMS messages are routed accurately every day around the world. At the heart of this is our superfast query platform Velocity which can identify the network of a mobile subscriber within 5ms. Speed and reliability are critical and we understand the importance of delivering for our customers accurately, time and again. Have no doubts about that.

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