From upgrading MiG fighters to developing TMT Velocity, meet Edi our Lead Software and Script Developer.

17th December 2019

Here at TMT Analysis we are very proud of our people, and believe their diverse and interesting range of experiences provides our customers today with the very best mobile numbering intelligence products and customer service.

People like Eduard, or Edi to you and us, who is TMT’s Lead Software and Scripting Developer. Edi has gone from maintaining and upgrading Soviet MiG fighters to making products like TMT Velocity and TMT Verify, fast, accurate and easy to use.

However, that’s not even half the story. Edi’s experience with ‘computers’ started long before there were PCs. Edi’s first computer was built by; you’ve guessed it; Edi.

Starting off his career in Electronics back in the early 1990s, this really meant assembling electrical systems from component parts.

Less than a year after the fall of the Berlin wall, Edi was working in a factory, now called Aerostar which was a military-grade factory responsible for maintaining and upgrading MiG fighters. During this time Edi worked on a wide range of projects, using early industrial computers with Intel 8-bit CPUs, 64KB of RAM, a clock-speed of 4MHz, and 8” floppy drives.

Edi used this formidable technology to debug new digital electronics modules that had failed quality assurance tests. As the technology evolved Edi continued to widen his skills, working on tools and methods for in-circuit testing. To test a circuit, you need to be able to understand not just how it is built but also the job that it is meant to do when working properly.

This led Edi to his first factory automation job, programming industrial robots that could place components directly on the circuit boards (so-called Surface Mount Technology). The test machines themselves were very specialised (both in software and hardware) which, when Edi took over responsibility for them lead him to see the inefficiencies and look for better solutions to do the same job. Edi started writing his own software to make this job easier, learning his first high-level programming languages, databases and networking.

Before you know it, Edi’s natural talent for this new range of technologies soon made him a man in demand, writing software and applications for a range of other business units. This has included (to name but a few), the following languages, technologies and systems, Microsoft (Windows 95, NT4.0, Access, SQL Server), C, Pascal, Visual Basic, Postgres, ORACLE, Sybase, Linux, Routing, Firewalling, Java, HTML, CSS and many more………..

Over the years, Edi has gone from writing his own Operating Systems in assembler to cloud-based virtual systems using Perl, Python and many more, but what sets Edi apart, and what makes him so suitable for the role he has now with us at TMT Analysis, are these same qualities:

  • A desire to always learn new things.
  • An ability to use the best technology available to solve today’s problems.
  • An uncompromising attitude when it comes to performance and user experience.

It’s the people who make any company, but it’s the values and the experience and the desire that makes Edi one of our best developers. Keep up the good work Edi!


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