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Going Passwordless in 2021

Are We Ready To Go Passwordless?

Here at TMT Analysis, given we’re entering a new year I make no apology for dusting off the crystal ball a bit and giving some thought to what we’re likely to see happening in the year ahead. At the same time, the recent need to create a number of online accounts to configure technological Christmas presents for children and relatives told me one thing, 2021 has to be the year that we are going passwordless!

It has been quite noticeable recently that a number of companies, such as BioCatch and Trusona who operate in the behavioural biometrics arena recently raised some serious funding from some serious investors. Like a lot of other biometric-focussed organisations, their solutions aim to remove the need for any kind of password, using your own characteristics to determine your identity without needing it some combination of your first pet’s name and random characters.

Can Biometrics Replace Passwords?

For sure, there are issues with biometrics in the quest to replace the humble; and increasingly frustrating; password. The system needs to learn who you are before it can have any realistic confidence that you are who you say you are, which may not lend itself to things you do only once-in-a-while. However, in-device biometrics can help to solve this given they are tying you to the device and can confirm that it’s you regardless of the application. But how then do you know that the device is to be trusted?

Our Solution To A Passwordless Future

The good news is that’s where I believe that TMT Analysis can come in. We are already talking to some behavioural biometrics companies about how they can combine their great technology with what we can do as part of Verify to ensure that a mobile has not been compromised. This really could unlock the ability to use your phone to log in to a myriad of applications and websites without needing a password.

All in all, after experiencing multiple password resets over the Christmas period due to family members’ inability to remember them all, I’m proud to be contributing in some small way to viable solutions for making them a thing of the past.

Happy New Password everyone!


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