How to make your mobile marketing campaigns even more effective.

21st May 2020

By Andreea Tudor, Business Development Manager at TMT Analysis.

Ensuring the information you hold on your customers is accurate is key to long-term business success.

Something we see cropping up time and again across the globe here at TMT Analysis is that of mobile data integrity – simply put the contact details many organisations hold on record is out of date.

SMS-based marketing campaigns lacking effectiveness is not an uncommon phenomenon. Reasons can be a large percentge of the content being sent is to mobile numbers that are either disconnected, invalid or worse still are actually a landline.

It’s all too easy for enterprises to haemorrhage marketing budget, failing to connect with people they had thought were clients of theirs. Our Verify solution turns the tables back in clients favour by powering the mobile intelligence verification process at the point of customer registration.

As a user is requested to enter their mobile number, checks can done to see if it is valid, active and whether it is mobile or landline. If the number passes validation, it can be entered into the company’s database of active customers. Simple but effective, the process ensures the integrity of databases and dramatically improves the accuracy and therefore effectiveness of all ensuing campaigns. It also makes sense to verify all pre-existing data on a regular basis to guarantee its integrity, maximising the chances of all mobile engagement efforts remain on point, hitting the intended marks.

TMT Analysis gathers data from over 80 countries worldwide each day and we store the status of over 3.5 billion numbers in our database. This data, together with our interconnections with mobile operators worldwide, ensures a validation check can be returned in a fraction of a second. Through our HTTP API, our validation process can be integrated directly into your web forms or other client-facing applications. We offer any organisation with a heavy reliance on the accuracy of numbering information in their databases the power to ensure their client acquisition and retention efforts are pointing in all the right directions, all of the time.

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