Know, Enable and Value – The importance of a great customer experience.

16th July 2020

By Paul Edsall, Director of Partnerships at TMT Analysis Ltd.

The need for a consistent, customised, seamless, truly omnichannel response in today’s ever-changing digital ecosystem is growing globally. Enterprises need to build trust with customers and potential customers and key to this is a mobile engagement strategy which allows for real two-way conversations between parties.

Whilst many communications providers offer a broad range of digital channels, few can join them up in a way that comes across as natural to the end user. Omnichannel does exactly this though, joining up the customer experience across A2P SMS, Chat Apps, Email and many other channels.

Whilst, on the face of it, omnichannel may not appear too dissimilar to a multichannel mobile engagement approach, the reality is that it is a world apart in terms of complexity to successfully make it a reality. Only a handful of providers globally are genuinely able to do so.

More communications service providers need to meet customers’ expectations for such a unified response, and fast. Not doing so risks them losing market share or even struggling to remain profitable. So how does any organisation go about creating a seamless customer experience? Meeting customers where they are has to be a great start.

Not all customers are built equal so being able to target them based on the channel or channels they are most likely to be found using has to be anybody’s first port of call. The days of an ad campaign pushed out across the globe using just the one channel to drive engagement are well and truly consigned to the annals history.

We all want to feel genuinely valued as individuals and receiving personalised content, offers and rewards can go a long way to achieving this. Recognising and acknowledging who individual customers are, the services and products they’ve purchased and their previous interaction history has to be done across all channels as well.

Customer expectations evolve and to sustain the provision of a seamless customer experience, organisations have to make an effort to understand any new expectations. Know them, show them you know them, enable them and value them. And this is where TMT Analysis comes in. We are expert at ensuring you truly know who your customers REALLY are. Not easy when so many transactions are moving online and incidences of fraud and identity theft are on the increase.

Call centres globally receive millions of customer calls daily which often includes having to authenticate the user’s identity too. Perhaps that involves sending an SMS text message or calling the customer back on the number held on file. But mobile phones are a hotbed for account takeover, with fraudsters sourcing customer information through social media or purchasing it from areas such as the dark web. All it takes is for this information to be used to swap out a mobile SIM card or for call forwarding to be enabled without the real customer’s knowledge, and you could be exposing your company and your customers to fraud.

Customer information is clearly a valuable commodity but how do you offer great protection without adding friction and compromising the seamless customer experience which is so highly prized? Our global number intelligence experience, Verify from TMT Analysis, is the answer.

Verify provides a range of account takeover services which keep organisations secure and customers happy.

If seeking help to strengthen and validate you user verification process, reduce fake accounts, improve conversions with customers and even determine the optimal channel for message delivery, look no further. The team here at TMT Analysis quite literally has your back.

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