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TMT Live – Pay-as-you-go HLR Lookup Service

By Neil Downing, VP of Products at TMT Analysis.

Real Time Mobile Number Lookup

For several years now, our Velocity number portability (NP) and Live HLR lookup products have been offering market leading superior response times and coverage to our customers. So to ensure as many companies as possible can take advantage of our services we have created Live, our new Pay As You Go HLR Lookup service.

TMT LIVE offers fast and accurate number information based upon real-time queries, via our own Signalling System 7 (SS7) infrastructure, to the Home Location Register (HLR) network. In addition to the basic number routing information, Live also responds with additional fields such as active subscriber status and roaming status.

There is a very simple online signup process and once your email address is confirmed you can have access to our Viteza portal offering full self-management capabilities. You can add funds to your account via PayPal or a simple direct credit card payment and either post number queries directly into the portal or create an API that you can connect to from your own platform to send requests.

Benefits Of Our HLR Lookup Service

The signup method might be new but benefits of using Velocity and Live are not, new customers still get all of the same features that our existing customers enjoy, including:

  1. A single, unified format for both queries and responses, consistent across all supported countries.
  2. Lightening fast responses, sub 5ms for Velocity responses
  3. Industry leading coverage (visible via the website)

How to Get Started With TMT Live

Registration can be done either as a company or an individual and all successful registrations receive a small amount of credit that can be used to see how effective the service is for yourself. We offer a pay as you go service meaning there’s low risk but were confident you’ll want to top up more credits.

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