Our co-founder’s thirst for innovation.

14th February 2020

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is one of the best-known English proverbs out there and who are we at TMT towers in London to disagree with that. Our co-founder Fergal Parkinson has been at the forefront of innovation for longer than he would care to admit!

Some of you will have recognised his face but may not necessarily have been able to place it: Fergal popped up on your TV screens all over the place reporting from far flung corners of the planet as a Correspondent and Producer with the BBC for 15 years. He was the corporation’s first journalist to file a report over the internet just as the US was in a state of alert over anthrax.

The early days of the internet changed the face of reporting for ever. It meant people only needed a laptop, a phone line and a power source to send back reports, all without having to spend over £500 each time on an expensive satellite feed and needing to make line bookings, just to send one data file. Remember, no smartphones, no mobile internet and no WiFi hotspots years ago. Everybody has the potential to be a roving correspondent today though, what with their smartphones seemingly glued to them 24/7/365 and the world of telecommunications moving on continually at a good clip, connecting up the world.

Fergal’s thirst for innovation continues, co-founding TMT Analysis in 2016 to harness the power of number intelligence. A person’s phone number is now viewed by many (Fergal included…) as the singular most important data point when it comes to authenticating an individual, all helping to eliminate fraud. Using our global contacts and reach, the TMT team has built a massive, growing centralised database of accurate number data which is fast becoming a key pillar of the emerging identity market. TMT is at the forefront of identity and we look forward to continuing to be an active part in future of this exciting space.




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