TMT Analysis launches Velocity

22nd November 2018

London based alternative data company, TMT Analysis Ltd, today announced the launch of its industry leading, superfast, cloud enabled Mobile Number Portability Query service, Velocity, which guarantees query response in less than 5 milliseconds.

“The messaging, telecoms and security industries are demanding rapid and reliable access to NP information, and that is exactly what we are able to provide with TMT Velocity,” said Fergal Parkinson, CEO of TMT Analysis. “With over 40 MNP countries hosted within our architecture, and the best industry leading international partners, we have the capability to offer outstanding quality levels.”

The TMT Analysis query service accesses numbering data from a wide variety of sources globally, making it available to customers via its datacentres in Europe and North America.

TMT Analysis CTO, Lucian Gheorge added “Our customers need to rely on a service that is not only fast, but consistent with query times. We have developed a unique ENUM system that uses proprietary algorithms and the latest database technologies to respond to any ENUM lookup in less than 5 milliseconds from the edge of our network. With this design and capacity for up to 30.000 queries per second for a single physical machine, we are confident to say we’re running one of the fastest, most consistent and reliable ENUM services in the world.”

Customers can access the service via ENUM, SIP and HTTP, and the entire architecture is horizontally scalable, providing additional capacity for customers in a simple plug-and-play process. The solution enables security providers to understand the history of telephone number portability and ensures messaging hubs and social networks can route their Voice and A2P SMS traffic directly, at the highest quality and lowest cost.

Commenting on the launch of Velocity, Kenneth Drenthe, who is responsible for Strategic Partnerships at MessageBird said “MessageBird provides the world’s fastest and most reliable global messaging API and consequently we need to ensure we have access to fast and consistently reliable Number Portability look up services. We are delighted to use TMT Analysis for their On Net coverage.”

TMT Analysis provide a variety of global alternative datasets including social media data from more than 1.5 Billion unique devices worldwide, as well as IMEI and Number Portability services.

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