TMT Velocity – the fastest and the most reliable MNP ENUM Query service on the market today.

12th June 2019

By Neil Downing

VP Product at TMT Analysis


In A2P SMS messaging we know that speed is everything. Every millisecond counts when customers are relying on you to route their critical traffic in the quickest most reliable way.

That is exactly why we developed Velocity, the fastest and the most reliable MNP ENUM Query service on the market today, with response times of less than 5ms and the accuracy of routing that delivers for new end user expectations.

As a new and disruptive entrant into the marketplace, TMT Analysis created the architecture that is used to support the Velocity service with the following key principles:

  1. To have an architecture that is scalable, can scale both up and out
  2. To use opensource technologies, aiding speed of development and keeping the cost structure predictable and linear
  3. To build one platform that can be segmented between different customers preventing individual customers from consuming disproportionate resources

Making use of modern techniques such as Microservices the TMT Analysis team specifically designed an architecture that excels in two critical areas.

Firstly, the TMT Velocity architecture natively supports multithreading, with individual threads allocated to each customer. This ensures that no single customer can starve the others of resources no matter how many queries are processed, thus preserving quality of service for all customers.

Secondly, for over 90% of queries TMT Velocity utilises only fast onboard memory to search against a subscriber number, rather than relying on an external database lookup for the answer. Accomplishing this requires a very detailed understanding of each of the countries where TMT Velocity is available, in order to translate the often-complicated numbering plans into the easiest possible metadata on which to search as well as designing (and continually modifying) the search algorithm to minimise the search time for an individual number against the in-memory data.

The combination of these elements means that the vast majority queries can be returned to our Velocity customers around the world in less than 5ms. Velocity by name, Velocity by design!

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