To Serve and Protect – Secure Customer Engagement in this Covid World.

5th August 2020

By Mark Page, VP of Sales and Purchasing at TMT Analysis.

Consumers will find their online shopping habit hard to break after the lockdown
supercharge. People are continuing to flock to the e-commerce fold like never before, this
dominant retail trend of recent years being fuelled by necessity during the COVID-19

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato was not wrong when he wrote ‘Necessity is the mother
of invention’. A tonne of invention is having to take place right now on the fly to keep pace
with the constantly evolving physical, regulatory and economic environments. Factor into
this complex equation the ever-present curve ball of customer preferences which can
change on a dime and it’s easy to see just how much brands have to contend with right
now. And they need all the help they can get.

Our superfast number query platform Velocity can identify the network of mobile customers
globally within 5ms, ensuring the accurate routing of Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS
content transactions. TMT Analysis have seen a marked, growing increase in query volumes
originating from e-commerce brands in particular. They are making strong moves in mobile
engagement using SMS, pivoting away from flashier marketing channels. Whilst almost 30
years old, SMS continues to drive genuine engagement like no other mobile channel around.
We are at a loss to think of any other channel that can say that 98% of successfully delivered
messages actually get read, the majority within 10 minutes. Never mind its ubiquity.

Not so long ago, the primary challenge within many organisations was that Digital and the
benefits of data were not taken seriously by management as being initiatives of value. How
times have changed. Marketers across a wide range of industry verticals have been pushed
to accelerate their development of direct-to-consumer (DTC) models that directly engage
customers using digital channels, social media and mobile in general.

The days of companies communicating with us just one-way are long gone. Brands need to
create more than an air of authenticity to be successful. Trust is the bedrock upon which
long-term profitable commercial relationships with all stakeholders can be built. Just as a
budding friendship requires, two-way dialogue and real conversations are the natural way
to achieve this. People who feel truly comfortable with a brand and feel valued will buy.
To be supremely focused on the customer experience, nothing beats owning one’s own
consumer data. Think Facebook, Google and Amazon. Using this to build a constant
feedback loop of actionable insight guarantees continuous innovation, something without
which no organisation can ever hope to stay on top.

Whilst an increasing number of transactions across the board moving online has to be music
to the ears of pure play e-commerce companies, all is not rosy. Confirming clients are
indeed exactly who they say they are is an obvious but nevertheless sometimes overlooked
first step in any transaction process. Verification may be the name of the game but carrying
it out in as frictionless a way as possible is king.

A verification service that requires only a mobile phone to be able to receive a
supplementary login credential, a one-time PIN or password is a good start. But fraud is on
the increase and mobile phones are a hotbed for mobile account takeover. All it takes is a
swapped out mobile SIM card or call forwarding to be enabled without the real customer’s
knowledge, and you could be exposing your company and your customers to fraud.

Using our wealth of global numbering intelligence experience, Verify from TMT Analysis,
provides a range of account takeover services which keeps businesses secure and customers
happy. We ensure organisations remain protected and are able to serve their customers
safely without drama or incident.

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