Which smartphone data has value to quant funds?

22nd November 2018

Its official smartphones have replaced laptops as the most popular online device. In most developed markets 8 out of 10 adults own a smartphone, and use it for at least two hours every day to browse the internet and access social media, as well as bank and shop.

With up to 200 new smartphones launched every week around the world TMT’s data allows funds to predict their use accurately, while the corresponding hardware and chip data enables a detailed understanding of the component sector.

At TMT Analysis we see true value in technology, media and telecoms data and understand how it can be used to unlock powerful insights on consumer behaviour, fraud intelligence and device insight, without invading privacy. Some examples of the type of data available to quant funds and asset managers include:-

1) DNS, IP Transit and Web usage data – Increasingly quant funds are using massive Internet usage samples to discover the penetration %s of every smartphone and every component, in every geography.

2) Device by network and by component – Internet device data is also used to track ARPUs by device type by network operator, allowing funds to predict and model the performance of Mobile operators.

3) Telephone Numbering data such as Mobile Number Portability is often available to track customer churn between the networks and highlight proportions of pre v post paid subscribers.

4) Geo location data from smartphone GPS – Finally Geo location data is being taken up by many of the quant funds, and is helping companies predict foot fall and customer attendance at thousands of locations. TMT datasets in this area have already reached billions of daily signals.

If you are looking to access device data, or better monetise the smartphone data you already have, please arrange a meeting in Miami or Barcelona.

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