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Know Your Customer and Mobile Device Verification in Fintech

KYC is most often used in financial services, and it has been around since 1882. We will highlight the benefits of mobile numbers and mobile device intelligence to use for verification purposes. In our latest ebook, we will be discussing the variety of industry tools available for businesses, how they work, and why they are important for the future of fintech.

Mitigating the Mobile Account Takeover Epidemic

ATO fraud grew over 650% in 2020. While some of this could be chalked down to newly digital users and something of a pandemic “fog of war”, 2021 may not be much better since fraudsters may be more focused on business as usual now that COVID19 related schemes are drying up.

Building Better Credit

A multi-generational shift towards mobile banking has altered the data that banks can use to understand a customers’ credit risk. In this new report, in partnership with One World Identity, we explore alternative credit’s potential and how banking could benefit from moving past the standard financial identity system.

How Fintechs Can Tackle Mobile Fraud

On the 17th of November 2020 TMT Analysis brought together a roundtable of leading experts in mobile identity, mobile fraud and fintech to discuss the rise in mobile fraud and what could be done to tackle it. This Whitepaper is produced using the comments of all the participants and their thoughts on the central question ‘How fintechs can tackle mobile fraud during COVID-19 and beyond?’

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