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Real time phone number credibility score

Intelligently blending multiple data sources for a mobile number.

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Intelligently blending multiple data sources for a mobile number.

TMT Score combines everything that we know about the risk associated with a number into a single score. This enables you to assess the credibility of that number, and the risk of potentially fraudulent activity into your on-boarding decision-making process.

With Score from TMT Analysis, you can detect an invalid or inactive number instantly, even before you have finished onboarding your customer.
Given the importance of mobile as a customer engagement channel, wouldn’t you benefit from a deeper insight into a numbers history and provenance?

Key Features

  • A unique combination of multiple individual data sets.
  • A blended mix of real-time and historical data dating back years.
  • A single API returning a single response for a given number in seconds.
  • An adaptive algorithm that improves over time and can also analyse your data on known high-risk or fraudulent numbers to help detect patterns and make better predictions.
  • Access to over 70 billion historical records.
Why TMT Score

Why TMT Score?

TMT Score has access to a wide range of deterministic and probabilistic data sources. These include:
Understanding the impact of different data sets on the overall risk profile of a number is handled by our Score algorithm that is constantly adapted based upon real customer experience, so once the TMT Score API is integrated you can benefit instantly from any refinements, without any additional work or integration effort.

6 Benefits of using Score


Score combines many different data sources, analyses them individually and together to form a consolidated view of the numbers’ credibility. This complex and constantly evolving algorithm makes it easy for you to make decisions based upon the output, not based upon multiple individual inputs.


Our Score algorithm is constantly evolving, so as we see more numbers, build more history and call out more suspicious behaviour, we learn and improve our detection capabilities. You benefit from any refinements immediately, without making any changes to your workflows.


Our platform handles queries against over 2 billion numbers each and every month, and can draw on over 70 billion individual records in order to make a decision, with years of enriched data. No other provider in the market can boast of such scale.


Score not only draws upon our own data, it uses a range of both deterministic and probabilistic data to evaluate the trustworthiness of a number. Individual signals that in themselves can’t be used because they are not definitive can be added to the algorithm to influence the outcome and make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.


We invite our partners to collaborate with us to improve the accuracy and predictiveness of our algorithm. By contributing numbers known or suspected to be associated with fraud, you can help to make Score the ultimate credibility assessment dataset in the market.


The data that is used within the Score generation algorithm includes many real-time indicators that show not only if a number is valid, but that it is in long-term, regular and constant use. In a World where more and more ‘disposable numbers’ are being used by fraudsters this insight is highly valuable. 

TMT Score also allow you to contribute to the accuracy of our algorithm and our data. By agreeing to share numbers that have been associated with high-risk or fraudulent behaviour you can help refine the algorithm and predict high risk numbers even more accurately, compounding the benefits to you over time.


Today Score covers 60 countries across the World. Please see the map below for current coverage.


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TMT Score Frequently Asked Questions

Score is everything that we know about a phone number, distilled into a single actionable value. Score gives a credibility level that you can attach to a given number that ranges from 0 (least credible) to 100 (most credible).

You should think about Score as giving you some useful guidance in how to trust the number that a new or potential customer is giving to you. We would recommend that a score below 50 should be treated with extreme caution and perhaps that you should perform some additional checks before you take it at face value, whilst scores over 75 indicate that you can be reasonably confident that the number is genuine and has a tangible level of both history and activity associated with it.

Only the mobile telephone number is needed. We don’t require name, address or any other personal information (although we also offer services that can check these too!)

No. When you invoke the Score API with a number we will provide you with the credibility score of that number, we are not necessarily guaranteeing that the person you are dealing with actually has that number. We strongly recommend that before you invoke the Score API you have already determined ownership of that number, either using a service such as TMT Authenticate or via your own means (such as an SMS One-time Password)

That’s the best part! Using our knowledge of global telephony numbering we are instantly able to spot incorrect or fake numbers, and return a score of 0 to leave you in no doubt that you need to ask the user for an alternative.

Depending upon the country, there are many different individual data points that are combined to give the Score. These include:

  • Recent and historical network (porting) movements
  • Frequency that a number appears in connection with sending calls and messages
  • Lists of numbers known to be associated with fraud
  • Real-time queries into the Global Mobile Signalling Network
  • Wide footprint on for example popular business and social media platforms (specific to the country)

Yes. Although it should be noted that the score will be more developed and accurate in countries where there are larger amounts of telecommunications activity. Your TMT Analysis account manager. will be happy to explain this in more detail and provide guidance on which countries have the best data available to power Score.

The Score algorithm is a sophisticated set of instructions that adjusts the value of the individual data points based upon the real-world likelihood of them being seen. So for example, the fact that a number has not ported will have a different influence on the final Score depending upon the country it comes from, right down to having no influence at all in countries where porting is not currently available. Our developers are constantly working in the background based upon our experience to make the algorithm learn and Score customers take advantage of this continuous improvement without having to do any specific changes to the API.

As previously mentioned Score uses a variety of data points to come to a conclusion, some of them are on-net and very fast (less than 5ms) and some require off-net API calls to specialist suppliers and databases. All of this means that to get the most enriched Score result takes around 2-5 seconds to complete. However, if your business process can’t wait that long we are able to tune the algorithm to avoid the higher latency aspects of the data and respond faster with the on-net or near-net information. Whilst not the full feature-rich service, this is still adding considerable intelligence and value over doing nothing.

Given the ever-increasing importance of mobile in your customer engagement strategy, shouldn’t you be checking the authenticity of the number in the same way as you might about other information that you gather from potential customers? Although two numbers might look identical and correct, there is an inherent difference between one that has been active for 5 years with a steady and constant level of activity and one that had never been seen in the World before yesterday.

YES! Any learning algorithm such as Score is only as good as the information that it is given to learn from. TMT Analysis have poured everything we know about telephone numbers into Score but getting a customer perspective is always welcome. If you are prepared to securely share numbers that you know to be associated with fraud Score can use that information to identify patterns, improve overall detection and even allow you to predict high risk transactions based upon this in-depth analysis of history. The Score team are always eager to learn more and we would welcome further discussion on this.

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