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Number Verification for Communication Service Providers

Suspicious phone number identification, saving you being a victim of fraud

Telephony fraud  is a global problem that costs service providers Billions and can affect their bottom line profitability and their quality reputation from their customers.

All companies are potential targets for fraud scammers. It is an ongoing problem, and  stopping fraud losses is  a necessity for all companies providing telephony services no matter where in the world they are located.  Some examples of telephony scams include:

  • Infiltrating a telephony network or using rogue operators to redirect calls/texts to international premium rate numbers (International Revenue Share Fraud – ISRF);
  • Spoofing of a calling number to make it look like the call is coming from a country that has a lower termination rate (Origin Based Rating – OBR fraud)
  • Use of ‘missed’ calls to trick people into calling back a number that is routed to an international premium rate number with a very expensive per minute rate (Wangiri fraud)


Phone number verification plays an essential role in the detection and prevention of telephone fraud. It includes analysis of mobile and fixed phone numbers, identifying phone attributes that contribute to assessing the fraud risk for a number.

How Does Fraud Detection and Reduction of Telephony Fraud  Work for Communication Service Providers?

Our TeleShield service alerts customers if there is something suspicious about a phone number. It provides intelligence on telephone numbers which can identify suspicious activity and enable service providers to make informed decisions to avoid financial impact or negative customer experience.

For example, TeleShield provides attributes that support determination of:

  • Has the number been made available for service by the regulator?
  • Does the number have a suspicious service type, for example is it a premium rate or VoIP?
  • Has the number been assigned to a subscriber by a service provider?
  • Who is the current service provider?
  • Has the number been ported?


Protecting Yourself from Telephony Fraud Attacks, Anywhere in the World

With our TeleShield product, companies can ‘shield’ themselves  from incurring losses from telephony fraud schemes globally. We have global regulator and operator portability data as the foundation of the TeleShield service.  

TeleShield provides unique access to real-time data through a robust network of suppliers combined with our own SS7 infrastructure that enables TMT to provide responses when other suppliers may be blocked by a network operator.

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