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Mobile Number Verification for eCommerce & Social Networks

Mobile data for eCommerce to optimise your customer management process.

Mobile shopping and social networking continues to grow rapidly. Mobile E-commerce is also hugely important for retailers globally. But it is not without risks, as online fraud and fake accounts are an ever-increasing problem.

Using real time mobile network operator data, TMT Analysis works with leading E-commerce and Social Networks globally to help verify and authenticate user identity, whilst delivering a low friction and highly reliable customer onboarding process.

Mobile telephone numbers are a consistent point of information, meaning that they provide a reliable way to confirm a user’s identity and also monitor behaviour on an ongoing basis. This helps protect your business against fraudulent orders and other malicious behaviour which can impact user experience in your app or online store.


How Does Mobile Phone Verification for eCommerce Work?

Our Verify Protect API alerts customers when a Sim-Card Swap (or Sim-Swap attack), Call Divert or Port-Out is identified on a mobile device, raising awareness to possible fraudulent activity through mobile number validation. Our Verify On-boarding API can allow to you seamlessly validate important customer attributes such as name, address and mobile number during your on-boarding process.

Your customers and users are critical to your business and are demanding more secure and lower friction transactions when purchasing goods and using services online. TMT Analysis is helping deliver this using our easy to integrate API’s and super-fast query platform keeping businesses secure and customers happy.


Mobile Phone Number Checking for SMS Marketing

Although security is a priority, mobile number checking can also add significant benefits to your wider marketing strategy and customer management efforts. Verifying phone numbers on a regular basis allows you to make sure that you have active lines of communication with your customers, which is essential for important tasks like confirming delivery details or providing updates on an order status.

When planning text message/SMS marketing campaigns, validating your phone numbers allows you to save on your respective text message sending fees from your provider – adding up to significant reductions over time if you manage a large number of users.

A connection to every mobile number around the world.

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