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Customer Verification Using Mobile Numbers for Gaming & Gambling Companies

Verify and authenticate customers globally with a mobile phone number.

For gaming and gambling companies around the world ensuring strong and robust customer verification at the time of onboarding is critical. From here you can also engage with them effectively and prevent ongoing fraud, which is also equally important.


Mobile Number Verification and Customer Authentication for Gaming

Customer Verification for gambling companies is of particularly high importance, given the risks of fraud and substantial size of transactions from winnings. As a business, a user’s phone number is often a key pillar in your engagement strategy, whether to manage notifications, ordering or fulfilment. In the same way, mobile number authentication can also be used to protect you and your customers from online fraud.

However, the objective of building 2-way trust in this relationship is becoming harder to achieve. For a business, how do you know that your customer is genuine?

For a consumer, how do you know that your number has not been hijacked and used without your knowledge?

Mobile data ID verification can help you achieve this quickly and within your existing customer onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. Our mobile data verification API can be integrated into your existing processes, with strong and reliable results returned in less than a second.

Our comprehensive and easy to integrate API’s, including live feeds from our Network Operator partners, links a person to a mobile helping our clients validate and authenticate their end users. Protecting their businesses and reducing both fraud and fake accounts.


Why is a Mobile Phone Number Good for Customer ID Verification?

Your mobile phone number is amongst one of the most consistent and reliable data points as people become more eager to hold on to their phone numbers, through quick and easy number porting between networks.

Other forms for customer information, such as proof of address or ID cards, are also much harder to check in real time. Our Verify product can tell you if a phone number is active, it’s current location and connected network as part of your existing verification process and regional KYC requirements in the online gambling industry.


Anti Money Laundering (AML) & Financial Crime Prevention

As part of your AML and KYC checks, different locations in which you operate have different requirements around the customer information you must verify and confirm under the rules of the associated gambling commission. In most cases this usually includes, address and age confirmation and also the need to verify the identity of your customer.

Our mobile data lookup can be used to validate phone numbers on an ongoing basis, cross referencing aspects like location and network to make sure that customer activity is not suspicious – prompting users to sign in for further validation.

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