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Mobile Verification Data To Help Marketing Companies

Mobile Number Data Cleansing for Marketing Companies

TMT Analysis works with marketing and advertising companies globally, helping them engage with their customers more effectively by ensuring they have the most accurate and up to date mobile number databases.

We help organisations cleanse and verify the mobile numbers they use in their customer campaigns, including valid number checks as well as Robinson and ‘Do Not Call’ list cleansing. This saves them time and ensures precision targeting of the people they want to contact, improving results and response rates from your mobile phone data, through effective data cleaning within your marketing lists.


How Does Mobile Number Verification for Marketing Companies Work?

Our Live service provides real-time Subscriber Status and allows a number to be validated, ensuring a customer phone number is still active, and identifying which numbers are mobile versus landline, even in countries where it is possible for a number to be either. Knowing if a number is truly a mobile allows you to be sure that your engagement strategy (e.g. SMS message) will have maximum success.

Ensuring the mobile numbers you hold on record are still active is key to any successful customer centric marketing campaign.


Effective SMS Marketing List Data Cleansing

A squeaky clean list of active phone numbers is a key part of any effective SMS marketing campaign, whether your clients work with B2C or B2B data. Mobile phone verification helps you increase your deliverability rates by ensuring the mobile numbers in your marketing list are active before you’ve even sent your first text – a cost effective and rapid solution compared to checking message failure rates.

Mobile data cleansing for marketing companies differs from client side operations, primarily based on the large numbers of SMS text messages you’re sending across all of your clients. Effective data hygiene around your mobile telephone number database is even more important to save you both time and budget.

A connection to every mobile number around the world.

Through our extensive Number Portability database and direct connectivity to the Mobile Network Operator signalling networks, you can discover the ownership and status for almost any number globally.

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