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Mobile Number Verification for Mobile Messaging

The fastest and most accurate MNP Query platform on the market today, saving you time and money

Ensuring the accurate routing for every A2P SMS is essential for organisations around the world with a need to send text messages to their customers. That is why leading global companies trust TMT Analysis to provide the routing intelligence that enables successful and efficient delivery of hundreds of millions of SMS messages to their customers every day.

Our super-fast query platform, Velocity, is the fastest MNP Query platform on the market today and is the solution of choice for the world’s leading Message Hubs, Banks and E-Commerce companies.

Our solutions can identify the network of mobile customers within 5ms, ensuring the accurate and least cost route for Two Factor Authentication, One Time Password Services and A2P SMS messages.


Why is an Effective MNP Query Platform for Mobile Messaging Important to Ensure Delivery?

Global businesses rely on the capacity to effectively deliver communications to customers, through ensure accurate delivery of voice and SMS verification messages anywhere in the world – in real time. As more and more business processes are delivered online, a2p messages play an important role in in customer onboarding and providing effective protection against criminal activity.

A2P SMS routing for global companies can provide several challenges if not done properly, when you’re trying to confirm personal information or send verifications codes to customers. Even the slightest delay can cause significant additional friction, causing users to refresh the page or give up entirely on the process.


Mobile Phone Number Data Cleansing, Anywhere in the World

Velocity is a truly global service with the ability to identify the current network provider for any number anywhere in the world. We partner with official regulators, mobile operators and other 3rd parties to acquire the most complete and authoritative list and we update that database usually daily to capture newly ported numbers, through a real time number portability query to the respective data source for your customer’s location.

Our extensive Number Portability database gives you the ability to discover the terminating operator for every number and telecommunications network globally.

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