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Prevent Telephony Fraud with TeleShield™

Identify attributes that indicate if a number has the propensity to be used for fraud.

Telephony Fraud Prevention

TeleShield™ from TMT Analysis gives you the power to detect and stop telephony fraud scams, thereby protecting your company from the financial and customer experience impacts of telecommunications fraud.

Access to authoritative data using the TMT infrastructure enables easy integration into your business processes.

TeleShield™ uses a wide range of authoritative sources of numbering information and portability data to offer a robust solution utilising the proven TMT infrastructure. The TeleShield™ API supports the customer selection of the level of intelligence they need for a telephone number.

Your company can access standard information on whether a number range has been allocated to a service provider, as well as enhanced information on whether a number has been assigned by a service provider to a customer or has recently been ported. This information can be used to shield a company from International Revenue Share Fraud. (ISRF), Origin Based Rating (OBR) among other telephony fraud examples.

Why Use TMT’s TeleShield™ Service?

Gain ultimate visibility on telephone number validity. TMT Analysis’ TeleShield™ enables companies to detect and defend themselves from telephony fraud,  thereby protecting their profitability and quality reputation with their customers. Some examples are listed below.

Maximise your company’s identification of telecommunications fraud

Strengthen your company’s number authentication processes and detection of telephony fraud indicators

Origin Based Rating (OBR) Fraud 

Origin Based Rating (OBR) Fraud – OBR is a By-pass fraud scheme that uses telephone number spoofing.

The fraudster replaces the originating number with a false number to get a cheaper call termination rate. If an aggregator/hub doesn’t check the validity of the originating number, it will process the call and then be billed a surcharge when the terminating network determines the number is not valid. The surcharge can easily increase the price/minute for a call by an order of magnitude, e.g. €0.02 to €0.25.

The TeleShield™ service enables the identification of invalid calling numbers so surcharges can be avoided. Or if the fraud is detected after the fact, the company can pass the surcharge to the originator of the call.

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) – IRSF is one of the most lucrative fraud scheme. It uses as its foundation high rate (premium) phone numbers.

The scheme includes leaving a high volume of call-back numbers and keeping the call centre contact on the line for many minutes using delaying tactics, resulting in the accrual of potentially hundreds of Euros of charges for each call. TeleShield™ can identify numbers with a propensity for fraud so that customers can take action to remove numbers from the standard callback business processes.

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