Our industry leading suite of numbering and routing products ensures you can accurately connect with your customers.

Superfast MNP Query service

Ensure the accurate routing of messages anywhere in the world.

Our superfast query platform can identify the destination network of your mobile customers within 5ms, ensuring the accurate routing of your A2P SMS messages.

Number Portability

A connection to more than 4 billion ported numbers around the world.

Our extensive number portability database gives you the ability to discover the terminating operator for every number and telecommunications network.

Our daily download service allows you to cost effectively integrate the information into your own systems and business processes.

Active Numbers

We can help you cleanse and verify the telephone numbers you use in your customer analysis and marketing campaigns.

Our services include valid number checks as well as Robinson and ‘Do Not Call’ list cleansing. This saves you time and ensures precision targeting of the people you want to contact, improving your results.


Understand every single telephone number.

Get accurate information on every single telephone number, available either as a snapshot or monthly download.