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Mobile Number Portability

Velocity - NP Routing

Velocity NP routing is the perfect tool to provide you with fast, accurate routing information.

Ensure the accurate routing of Voice and SMS messages anywhere in the world.

With the increasing need for Voice Routing, Application to Person messaging, Two Factor Authentication and One Time Password Services it is important that SMS messages and voice calls are delivered to your customers quickly and accurately.

Why use Velocity NP Routing?

Our NP routing coverage is based upon countries where we have access to the entire Number Portability database, with every number that has ever ported between networks. We partner with official regulators, mobile operators and other 3rd parties to acquire the most complete and authoritative list and we update that database usually daily to capture newly ported numbers.

Because we have access to the entire database Velocity NP Routing can truly live up to its name, providing answers at lightening speed (typically less than 5ms). For every NP Routing country that we offer, our expert support team have already integrated a full dialling plan, mapping all allocated and available number ranges to operators. Therefore, even if a number is not in our database (because it has not ported), we can return the correct routing information from the dial plan. We work very hard every day analysing updated regulator information and other sources such as IR-21 documents to keep this list complete.

Velocity NP

Our superfast query platform can identify the network of your mobile customers within 5ms, ensuring the accurate and least cost routing of your SMS and Voice Calls globally.

Superfast - Response times of 5ms
Access to our Global Number Plan
Global Query service available
Scalability to provide in excess of 1 million queries per second
Data from authoritative sources such as regulators and Mobile Network Operators

The net result is that all you need to provide is the number, and we’ll do the rest.

Technical Information:

Access Method: HTTP API

URL: Provided during on-boarding (including specific API Key and API Secret)

Output type: JSON, XML or CSV

Output provided to each query: {num};{network};{MCCMNCLIST}

Where:                       num = telephone number queried

                                    network = name of owning mobile network operator

                                    MCC = Mobile Country Code of operator

                                    MNC = Mobile Network Code of operator

Use Case

Effective call/SMS routing:

If you are an organisation who generates high volumes of calls and messages and has interconnects to multiple carriers who deliver them on your behalf, then knowing precisely which carrier a number belongs to can save time and money. In a World where many organisations use SMS messages for real-time applications (such as one-time passwords, status updates etc.) then the time penalty involved in selecting the wrong network and having the message ‘bounce’ from network to network can be a significant drag on your User Experience.

Velocity NP Routing is used by many of the World’s largest messaging providers for exactly this purpose, and helps them improve their delivery performance and manage their costs.

Velocity Number Portability Routing is a single API offering a single integration point, allowing mobile number queries to any supported country through one interface, and an average response time of under 5ms means no delay in call or message placement.


Country/Territory Country code ISO Alpha 3 Velocity Portability Coverage
Albania 355 ALB Yes
Argentina 54 ARG Yes
Armenia 374 ARM Yes
Australia 61 AUS Yes
Austria 43 AUT Yes
Azerbaijan 994 AZE Yes
Bahamas 1 BHSYes
Bahrain 973 BHR Yes
Bangladesh 880 BGD Yes
Belgium 32 BEL Yes
Bermuda 1 BMU Yes
Benin 229 BEN Yes
Bolivia 591 BOL Yes
Bosnia and Herzegovina 387 BIH Yes
Brazil 55 BRA Yes
Brunei 673 BRN Yes
Bulgaria 359 BGR Yes
Cameroon 237 CMR Yes
Canada 1 CAN Yes
Cayman 1 CYM Yes
Chile 56 CHL Yes
Colombia 57 COL Yes
Costa Rica 506 CRI Yes
Cote d'Ivoire 225 CIV Yes
Croatia 385 HRV Yes
Cyprus on CYP Yes
Czech Republic 420 CZE Yes
Denmark 45 DNK Yes
Dominica 1 DMA Yes
Dominican Republic 1 DOM Yes
Ecuador 593 ECU Yes
Egypt 20 EGY Yes
El Salvador 503 SLV Yes
Estonia 372 EST Yes
Finland 358 FIN Yes
France 33 FRA Yes
Georgia 995 GEO Yes
Germany 49 DEU Yes
Ghana 233 GHA Yes
Gibraltar 350 GIB Yes
Greece 30 GRC Yes
Grenada 1 GRD Yes
Guam 1 GUM Yes
Honduras 504 HND Yes
Hong Kong 852 HKG Yes
Hungary 36 HUN Yes
Iceland 354 ISL Yes
India 91 IND Yes
Iran 98 IRN Yes
Ireland 353 IRL Yes
Israel 972 ISR Yes
Italy 39 ITA Yes
Jamaica 1 JAM Yes
Japan 81 JPN Yes
Kazakhstan 7 KAZ Yes
Kenya 254 KEN Yes
Kuwait 965 KWT Yes
Latvia 371 LVA Yes
Liechtenstein 423 LIE Yes
Lithuania 370 LTU Yes
Luxembourg 352 LUX Yes
Macau 853 MAC Yes
Macedonia 389 MKD Yes
Malaysia 60 MYS Yes
Maldives 96 MDV Yes
Malta 356 MLT Yes
Mexico 52 MEX Yes
Moldova 373 MDA Yes
Montenegro 382 MNE Yes
Morocco 212 MAR Yes
Netherlands 31 NLD Yes
New Zealand 64 NZL Yes
Nigeria 234 NGA Yes
Northern Mariana Islands 1 MNP Yes
Norway 47 NOR Yes
Oman 968 OMN Yes
Pakistan 92 PAK Yes
Panama 507 PAN Yes
Paraguay 595 PRY Yes
Peru 51 PER Yes
Philippines63 PHL Yes
Poland 48 POL Yes
Portugal 351 PRT Yes
Puerto Rico 1 PRI Yes
Qata 974 QAT Yes
Romania 40 ROU Yes
Russia 7 RUS Yes
Saudi Arabia 966 SAU Yes
Senegal 221 SEN Yes
Serbia 381 SRB Yes
Singapore 65 SGP Yes
Slovakia 421 SVK Yes
Slovenia 386 SVN Yes
South Africa 27 ZAF Yes
South Korea 82 KOR Yes
Spain 34 ESP Yes
St Kitts & Nevis 1 KNA Yes
St Lucia 1 LCA Yes
St Vincent & Grenadines 1 VCT Yes
Sudan 249 SDN Yes
Sweden 46 SWE Yes
Switzerland 41 CHE Yes
Taiwan 886 TWN Yes
Tanzania 255 TZA Yes
Thailand 66 THA Yes
Trinidad and Tobago 1 TTO Yes
Tunisia 216 TUN Yes
Turkey 90 TUR Yes
Ukraine 380 UKR Yes
United Arab Emirates 971 ARE Yes
United Kingdom 44 GBR Yes
United States of America 1 USA Yes
Uruguay 598 URY Yes
US Virgin Islands 1 VIR Yes
Viet Nam 84 VN Yes


View our pricing tiers below and find the package that suits you best
Volume USD ($) EURO (€) GBP (£)
In order to qualify for the next discount tier, you must add credit to your account equal (greater than) the cost of the volume of queries shown at the unit price (for example in order to gain the 25,000 volume pricing, a USD customer would need to add credit equal to: 25,000 * 0.00214 USD = USD $53.50

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