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Velocity - Number Portability Routing

Discover the network provider for every mobile number globally, for accurate A2P SMS and Voice Call Routing.

Ensure The Accurate Routing Of Voice And SMS Messages Anywhere In The World

Global coverage which includes accurate number porting information for every country where number portability has been launched.

With the increasing need for Voice Routing, Application to Person (A2P) messaging and A2P calls, Two Factor Authentication and One Time Password services – it’s important that SMS messages, voice calls and all A2P traffic are delivered to your customers quickly and accurately.

Our routing technology also helps to keep costs down by finding the most cost-effective routes for our clients, as well as reducing latency and improving delivery success rates. We understand that in the world of messaging, performance is everything and we are proud to be able to offer our clients the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective service. We deliver this without compromising speed or accuracy due to our scalability to be able to provide more than 1 million queries per second.

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Why Use Velocity Number Portability (NP) Routing Services?

Velocity is a truly global number portability lookup service with the ability to identify the current network provider for any number anywhere in the world when sending messages and routing calls. We partner with official regulators, mobile operators and other 3rd parties to acquire the most complete and authoritative list and we update that database usually daily to capture newly ported numbers.

Effective A2P Routing

We can provide your business with fast and effective A2P message routing for both SMS text messaging and calls. Our application to person messaging and routing services are designed to ensure your messages and calls are delivered to the customer’s current mobile network operator as quickly and accurately as possible. We use real-time data to identify the network provider for any number, and this data is updated daily to ensure we always have the most up-to-date information – also helping to prevent with A2P SMS fraud.

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Superfast response times of 5ms

Fast and simple integration to a carrier grade resilient infrastructure with geographically redundant query sites

As we access the entire mobile number portability (MNP) database in every country where number porting is in operation, Velocity can truly live up to its name, providing answers at lightening speed (typically less than 5ms).

Our data is from authoritative sources such as regulators and Mobile Network Operators, updated at least daily to ensure our customers get the most current and accurate porting information.

Use Case - Effective Call/SMS Routing:

If you are an organisation who generates high volumes of calls and messages and has interconnects to multiple carriers who deliver them on your behalf, then knowing precisely which carrier a number belongs to can save time and money as well as prevent dropped calls and improving your successful SMS delivery rates. In a World where many organisations use SMS messages for real-time applications (such as one-time passwords, status updates, appointment reminders etc.) then the time penalty involved in selecting the wrong network and having the message ‘bounce’ from network to network can be a significant drag on your user experience and additional costs. Velocity is used by many of the World’s largest messaging providers for exactly this purpose, and helps them improve their delivery performance and manage their costs.

Anywhere In The World

For every country, our expert support team have already integrated a full number range plan, mapping all allocated and available number ranges to operators.

Therefore, even if a number is not in our portability database (because it has not been ported), we can return the correct routing information from our TeleShield Global Number Range.

We work very hard every day analysing updated regulator information and other sources such as IR-21 documents to keep our number plan information up-to-date. This makes routing of numbers simple and efficient, allowing our clients to use the best routes for any country in the world.

Velocity Frequently Asked Questions

A2P stands for “Application-to-Person” messaging. It is a type of SMS messaging where an application sends text messages to a person rather than a person sending a text message to another person.

A2P messaging is typically used for sending automated messages such as notifications, alerts, and marketing messages. P2P messaging, on the other hand, is used for person-to-person communication, such as sending text messages to friends and family.

Number portability is a process that allows users to keep their phone number when they switch from one network operator to another. Depending on the country regulations, portability may be supported for mobile or both mobile and fixed networks.

A number portability database is a central database that contains information about which network operator a phone number is associated with. When a call or message is made to a phone number, the number portability database is queried to determine which operator the number is currently serviced by. This allows calls and messages to be correctly routed to the correct network, even if the user has switched to a different operator. 

Yes, A2P message routing can improve SMS delivery rates for marketing messages. A2P messaging is designed for sending automated messages at scale, and A2P message routing ensures that messages are delivered reliably and quickly. By using A2P message routing, businesses can ensure that their marketing messages are delivered to their intended recipients, leading to higher engagement rates and a better return on investment.

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