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Mobile Identity Verification

Verify and validate customers globally using mobile phone numbers and mobile devices.

Mobile Phone Number Verification API to Verify Customer Identity

As a business, a customer mobile telephone number is often a key pillar in your Know Your Customer (KYC) engagement strategy, whether to manage notifications, ordering or fulfilment.

However, the objective of building 2-way trust in this relationship is becoming harder to achieve as customers expect quick and easy access to their online accounts. For a business, how do you know that the mobile phone number that you’re being provided is genuine, belongs to the person giving it to you and has not been compromised for the purposes of fraud? For a consumer, how do you know that your number has not been hijacked and used without your knowledge?

Verify from TMT Analysis

Verify is a powerful suite of mobile phone number verifications APIs, offering a range of mobile intelligence data attributes centred around a customer’s mobile telephone number. Through our validation checks mobile data can help you to confirm a customer’s identity, the authenticity of the mobile phone number provided and identify when suspicious activity, such as account takeover, might have taken place.

Verify blends together several authoritative data sources, including data directly from the Mobile Network Operators, to offer the most comprehensive possible answers to your questions. All whilst adding little or no friction to your end-user experience and overall customer journey. This allows you to check a mobile number for fraud in less than a second, within your existing customer onboarding process and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.

As part of your KYC verification process, we support customers with our industry leading knowledge of the global mobile number intelligence eco-system. This is achieved through the use of our own data that offers insight on billions of global mobile phone numbers and how we combine different sources to best effect.

Verify data attributes can be used in a variety of intelligent digital onboarding, KYC, account takeover and anti money laundering scenarios to reduce friction and increase trust throughout your user experience. These include:

Verify On-boarding

Allows you to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and safely on-board customers, reduce mistakes, fake accounts and incorrect information by confirming the ownership and history of a number, including relating it to a real person.

Verify Protect

Guards against fraud by alerting you to the potential that a device has been compromised, through attacks such as SIM Swap.

Verify Data Cleansing

Eliminate old or inaccurate data by performing a real-time liveness check on numbers to ensure that they remain in use.

Fast & Accurate Customer Verification for Onboarding

On-board new customers with low friction and high assurance levels using our mobile number verification data.

From the data that you have already gathered from your potential customer TMT Verify can tell you if the number:

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SIM Card Fraud Protection

Guard against SIM Swap fraud and other forms of Account Takeover.

SIM Swap fraud attacks are a growing concern for businesses who need to prevent customers from the risks of account takeover. For a given phone number Verify Protect can alert you in real-time to potential fraud risks associated with these attacks.

This means that you only need to increase the amount of SIM card fraud prevention and account takeover checks for an individual customer, as you detect suspicious activity on their account.

Use Case – Frictionless Customer Onboarding:

If you are an organisation who uses a mobile number as a communication or fulfilment channel for your customers, then being able to both check a number is genuine, and tie that number to a real person is a check that can save time and ultimately money.

If you can perform the check without the direct involvement of your new potential customer, then you are achieving that delicate balance of increasing security whilst maintaining a low-friction user experience, which is also an important aspect in your ongoing customer retention strategy.

Verify can provide you with a greater level of assurance around the number than you have today, allowing you to know that when you communicate with your new customer using the number that they have provided, your communication is going to the right person.

Mobile Number Data Cleansing

Solves the issue of old or redundant mobile numbers in your database.

Providing a real-time customer liveness check that allows you to check which mobile numbers are no longer active. This streamlines your customer contact, saving you both time and money through our global phone verification tool.

How Does It Work?

TMT Verify is available through a highly flexible HTTP mobile phone number verification API. In each request you provide the mobile number, together with the data attribute(s) and associated data you want to see. Our geographically redundant platform will use the best combination of data sources to retrieve the answers, normalising the data response. This means that you can always receive the output in the same format regardless of the number or country you query.

In addition, for Verify Data Cleansing, you can also upload a file containing a list of global mobile phone numbers. The Verify platform will a customer liveness check and securely return you the results – allowing regular cleaning of the numbers in your database.

Our Mobile Verification Data

We gather the data used to power TMT Verify from over 80 countries World-Wide direct from regulators, Mobile Network Operators and other trusted 3rd party sources.

Note that access to some data sources require explicit approval from the relevant Mobile Network Operators. We will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and help you manage the approval process where needed.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our team has many years’ experience working across telecommunications, media and technology.

Verify Frequently Asked Questions

A mobile phone number can help with KYC checks by providing a way to verify a customer’s identity, using the existing personal data held by a Mobile Network Operator. This data can then be used to perform a range of regulatory checks to prevent online fraud such as account takeovers and sim swap attacks.

A mobile phone number can help with digital onboarding through providing a trusted and reliable datapoint about your prospective customer. A mobile phone number is one of the most consistent aspects of a customer’s personal information. It can also be checked in less than a second using our API tools, integrated into your existing digital onboarding process.

Know Your Customer (KYC) checks are a set of procedures that businesses use to verify the identity of their customers. KYC checks are typically performed during the onboarding process, and involve collecting and verifying various forms of identity information, such as government-issued IDs, proof of address, and other documents. KYC checks are important for preventing fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities.
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks are a set of procedures that businesses use to detect and prevent money laundering activities. AML checks are designed to identify and prevent these activities by monitoring customer transactions, assessing risk levels, and reporting suspicious activity to relevant authorities. AML checks are required by law in most countries.

Account takeover fraud is a type of fraud where an attacker gains unauthorised access to a customer’s account. This can occur through a variety of methods, such as phishing attacks, credential stuffing, or social engineering. Once the attacker gains access, they can make unauthorised transactions, change account information, or steal sensitive data.

SIM swap fraud is a type of fraud where an attacker takes control of a victim’s phone number by transferring it to a new SIM card. This can be done by convincing the victim’s mobile network operator to transfer the phone number to a new SIM card that is controlled by the attacker. Once the attacker has control of the phone number, they can use it to reset passwords, bypass two-factor authentication, and gain access to the victim’s accounts. SIM swap fraud is a growing threat, and can be difficult to detect and prevent.

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