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Verify Protect

Verify protect offers a low friction route to protect yourself from the ever-increasing dangers of fraudulent transactions and account takeover. Using data from live network queries and direct from the Mobile Network Operators, Verify Protect provides you with critical intelligence around the number, so you can decide how best to act to preserve the integrity of your business:

Key Features
Active status to tell if a number is currently real and in use
Roaming status to spot if a number is currently located in a different location to that which you expect
Flags recent porting events to detect port-out fraud
SIM status to see if the Subscribe Information Module (SIM) has recently changed
Call Forwarding to spot if any potentially malicious call forwarding fraud is in progress

Verify KYC

Verify KYC allows you to match those all-important real-world attributes to a supplied mobile phone number. Using authoritative Mobile Network Operator data Verify KYC matches a number to key personal information such as Name, Address and Date of Birth.

Key Features
Provides a match against supplied name, address and number
Uses our own database to resolve which network operator to query for each number
Single API for all supported networks

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