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Mobile Number Verification & Validation

For many businesses, the mobile telephone is becoming the most convenient and important way to engage with customers. The longevity of a mobile number with an individual makes it a powerful element of our digital identity, but also one that might not be what it seems.

The recent explosion in online usage has not surprisingly been accompanied by a similar explosion in online fraud, so can you trust the phone number that you have been given to be accurate and belong to the person they say it does?

Verify from TMT Analysis

Verify offers a suite of services that help fight fraud, strengthen the on-boarding process, reduce fake accounts whilst adding little or no friction to your user experience.

It combines several authoritative data sources and our own deep knowledge of the Mobile Telephony landscape across the world to offer a solution for a variety of use cases. These include:

Verify On-boarding

Data that helps keep your new customers engaged and keep the friction out of your on-boarding process.

From the data that you have already gathered from your potential customer TMT Verify can tell you if the number:

Is real
Is Active
Matches the personal information you have for it, such as name, address, date of birth

Verify Protect

Guards against the ever-growing threat of Account Takeover.

For a given phone number Verify Protect can alert you in real-time to potential compromises, meaning that you only need to increase the end user friction in your process when you have good reasons to suspect fraud.

Key Features

Our data comes from official and authoritative sources.
Our platform is fully geo-redundant and engineered to respond to millions of queries per second.
Many of the Verify data points are available world-wide meaning your business won’t need to adjust its on-boarding or fraud prevention workflows as you go into new markets. Gain access to data from all of the main network operators through one API.
Easy to Integrate
Our HTTP API allows you to integrate a number validity check into many of your existing workflows and customer journeys, quickly and easily.
Ensure that the phone numbers you collect and hold are accurate and remain active.
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How Does It Work?

TMT Verify is available through an HTTP API. In each request you provide the telephone number, together with the service(s) and associated data you want to see. Our geographically redundant platform will use the best combination of data sources to retrieve the answers, and normalise the response so that you can always receive the output in the same format regardless of the number or country you query.

For Verify List Cleansing, you can upload a bulk list of numbers that our platform will check and securely return you the results, allowing regular cleaning of the numbers in your database.

Our Data

We gather the data used to power TMT Verify from over 80 countries World-Wide every day direct from regulators, Mobile Network Operators and from other trusted 3rd party sources to match attributes such as name and address against their own customer databases.

Verify Trust Score

Blends a variety of different sources to offer you an easy-to-consume trustworthiness score around a given number.

The score is influenced by the current status and location of the number, how old the number is, whether it belongs on identified fraud or do-not-call lists and many other factors.

Verify Data Cleansing

Solves the issue of old or redundant mobile numbers in your database by checking millions of numbers from around the globe instantly, allowing you to know which numbers you have are no longer active, saving you time and money.

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Key Benefits

Our data comes from official and authoritative sources.
Checks can happen in the background as part of existing on-boarding or fraud prevention workflows without needing explicit user input.
One API offering access to all available countries in one place. No adjustment needed when other markets are added.
Our expertise in the mobile ecosystem is unparalleled, helping eliminate the bureaucracy and complexity allowing you to consume this important data more easily.

Tackling mobile identity fraud in Financial Services

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