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Online Age Verification Solution

Protect Your Business and Meet Regulatory Requirements with a Reliable Real Time Age Verification Check.

Get To Know Your Customers With Device Based Age Verification

You don’t require someone’s identity to verify their age – in many cases, even a government issued ID isn’t necessary. We’ve developed an age verification system to confirm customers meet your age requirements by simply asking them to provide a phone number.

What's an Age Verification System?

An age verification system is a process that confirms if someone is of legal age against credible data sources before being granted access to age-restricted products or services. It is a crucial tool for businesses operating in industries such as gambling, alcohol, and adult content, where age restrictions are required by law.

To be successful, an age verification system must focus on delivering a smooth user interface and ensure that underage individuals cannot bypass the security protocol.

How Does Our Age Verification Solution Work?

Our age verification process quickly confirms a customer’s age. It does not require an ID document or ask for their date of birth. Instead, it uses a secure and dependable method to determine the user’s age.

To establish a seamless age verification process, TMT initially identifies the current network operator of an end user. Subsequently, we transmit the phone number along with an age threshold to the designated carrier for validation.

Given that a significant number of users store their date of birth (DOB) information in their respective phone operators’ databases, whether as post-paying subscribers or account holders on the carrier’s platform, a substantial portion of the verification process is efficiently handled.

Upon querying the operator’s data for the specific number and comparing it to the predetermined threshold, our API returns a flag indicating the outcome.

In this way, the user’s age is swiftly confirmed with minimal friction on their part, using authoritative and secure data, in a simple way.

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Age Verfication In Action

Adult Content

Websites that provide adult content, such as pornography, have an obligation to ensure that their content is only available to individuals of legal age. Ensuring that only adults can access explicit material is vital to comply with legal requirements while protecting minors from explicit content.

Gaming and Gambling

Online casinos, sports betting websites, and other gambling platforms must implement age verification measures. By using age verification, platforms can stop underage people from gambling, playing mature games, or going on online casinos.

Social Networking Platforms

Some social networking platforms have age restrictions in place to protect children from potentially harmful content. Age verification measures are necessary to ensure that young individuals do not create accounts or access content that is not suitable for their age group.


By implementing reliable age verification systems e-commerce platforms can comply with legal requirements, create a safe and responsible shopping environment for customers and prohibit the sale of age-restricted products to minors.

Age Verification API

Add Age Verification To Your Website In Seconds

Stay Compliant

Age verification requirements vary between different states and countries. With our flexible technology, you can adapt the age requirements of your service to ensure you stay compliant such as the UK Online Safety Bill and Age appropriate design code.

Seamless Integration

Our age verification API technology integrates seamlessly with your existing software, resulting in a smooth and successful customer experience.

Ensure Accuracy

Mobile numbers are one of the most unique and long-lasting components of our identity and can be useful for organisations trying to validate a users identity and even their age.

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