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Customer Verification for Onboarding

On-board new customers with low friction and high assurance levels using our mobile number verification data.

Secure Onboarding During Customer Sign Up

Verify On-Boarding is a specialist customer onboarding mobile number verification API.

It allows you to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and safely on-board customers, reduce mistakes, fake accounts, and incorrect information by confirming the ownership and history of a number, including relating it to a real person.

Reduce Friction and Fraud Using Verify Onboard

There are several existing methods businesses can use to carry out customer ID verification checks when they are signing up a customer for the first time. As part of your KYC obligations within your industry you may be asking a customer to upload a photo ID card or recent bill to prove their address. These methods can be unreliable as they can easily be manipulated for fraud and can also be cumbersome for your customers leading to higher friction and as a result user abandonment.

Using our powerful API we can replace these traditional methods with mobile number validation checks. Using our network of trusted data provided by governments and mobile network operators from across the globe we can provide accurate and real time information relating to mobile number subscribers.

Number Verification API

Mobile Number Intelligence For Improved Customer Onboarding

Using mobile phone number data is an effective way to confirm the identity of a potential customer quickly and accurately. This process can be integrated into your existing digital customer onboarding process using our API creating a seamless and almost invisible additional verification check.

Mobile number intelligence is much harder to fake than traditional ID checks and therefore use for fraudulent activity, making it a trustworthy source to confirm customer’s identities as or data is gathered from mobile network operators and trusted organisations.

Phone numbers have become one of your most consistent datapoints, meaning that any changes to aspects like network operator or the country of operation can suggest suspicious activity and generate additional identity checks for your user. As part of our verify product suite we can provide a trust score [link to trust score] associated to each mobile number, setting a threshold for additional verification.

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Why Use Verify Onboarding?

On-board new customers with low friction and high assurance levels using our mobile number verification data.

From the data that you have already gathered from your potential customer TMT Verify can tell you if the number:

Once your new customer is signed up, the same data can be used as part of your digital KYC procedures and AML checks.

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