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Protect Against Fraud Using Mobile Phone Number Data

Guard against SIM Swap fraud and other forms of Account Takeover.

Using Mobile Phone Numbering Data to Fight Fraud

Verify Protect is our specialist API tool for guarding against online fraud.

Once fraud is detected to the potential that a device has been compromised, through attacks such as SIM Swap Fraud or other common cyber security risks to your customer accounts.

SIM Swap fraud attacks are a growing concern for businesses who need to prevent customers from the risks of account takeover. For a given phone number Verify Protect can alert you in real-time to potential fraud risks associated with these attacks.

This means that you only need to increase the amount of SIM card fraud prevention and account takeover checks for an individual customer, as you detect suspicious activity on their account.

Confirm Customer Identity

Confirming your customer’s identity on an ongoing basis is a legal requirement in many industries and countries around the world. When a user’s account activity starts to become suspicious it’s essential that your business is alerted to this risk, protecting your assets, customers and allowing you to implement additional security measures as required.

Verify Protect can be integrated into your existing Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks, streamlining this process through using highly accurate and trusted mobile telephone number data – which can be checked in less than a second.

Each customer is then given a trust score, indicating the risks that your customer account is being used for fraudulent purposes. Business can then implement additional fraud prevention checks on an account by account basis, meaning that you only add friction to your customer journey when additional customer verification is required.


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Why use a mobile number for KYC and AML checks?

Anti-fraud prevention checks are an essential measure for all business to take and are also an obligation in high-risk industries such as banking, gaming, and cryptocurrency exchanges. However, you also want to make sure they are providing a smooth experience when customers are using your website and wider applications to manage their accounts.

Mobile phone data intelligence is an essential tool in both providing your business with reliable trusted identification data about your customer, whilst also streamlining your checking process through full integration with your existing processes.

Your phone number has become one of your most consistent datapoints, meaning that any changes to aspects like network operator or the country of operation can suggest suspicious activity and generate additional KYC and AML checks for your customer.

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