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Mobile Number Trust Score

An easy-to-consume trustworthiness score around a given number, based upon a unique combination of data sources.

Secure Onboarding During Customer Sign Up

Verify Trust Score is our specialist API tool which allows you to attribute the potential risk of fraud to each of your customers.

With Verify Trust Score, you can integrate advanced number intelligence through a unique blend of relevant data, that is combined using our algorithms to generate an actionable trust score for a mobile number entered by your prospective customers.

With this additional layer of visibility around your customer’s likelihood to commit fraud, you can then tailor your fraud prevention checks to the accounts which are most at risk – all without adding friction to the other customers using your website or business application.

The function of scoring your customers for fraud risk is fully integrated into your existing processes, allowing your busines to carry out accurate Onboarding with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks in a way which your customers won’t even notice.

 This data can then be used to help inform your next steps with how your treat potentially risky customer accounts – blocking them or asking the customer to provide additional information to confirm their identity.

Number Verification API

Customer Trust Scores - Why are they important?

In competitive industries such as financial services or gaming / gambling, it’s imperative that your overall customer experience isn’t impacted with additional friction which can cause users to drop off, even moving to your competitors. Through tailored and accurate customer fraud checks, you can make sure your business is protected and compliant whist still providing a seamless digital environment for your customers.

A customer’s mobile phone number is amongst one of the most reliable and consistent datapoints about them, meaning that any changes to aspect like operator network or location are easy to spot and act upon. Our data is also provided by authoritative sources across the globe, such as mobile network operators and government organisation.

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What is the difference between Mobile Verification and Customer Authentication?

Why Use Verify Onboarding?

The score is calculated from the current status of the number, how old the number is, what levels of activity the number has displayed over time, whether it belongs on identified fraud lists and many other factors.

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