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Why Smaller Companies Could Be the Holy Grail for Lawyers

Why Smaller Companies Could Be the Holy Grail for Lawyers

By Neelam Nasir, Legal Counsel at TMT Analysis.

Leaving the comfort of a large legal team can result in a mix of emotions ranging from apprehension to unadulterated excitement at the opportunity of being involved with something new.

When working for a much smaller but rapidly growing company, it is a prerequisite that you are a good all-rounder and paradoxically the expert in your field.

Within the Legal profession, many part time roles (where they exist of course!) are in reality full time roles loaded into a four-day week which is disproportionately unfair to women. Knowing this, and having seen some of my peers leave the legal profession completely, I decided, that following the birth of my children, I would no longer work in a permanent full-time role, instead opting for a part time role in the hope of getting some form of work life balance again.

One of the main advantages of working for TMT Analysis is not only becoming a permanent member of a team again but also having complete flexibility over how my three days a week are structured.

I caveat the preceding sentence however with a good dose of pragmatism and business reality. We work in a 24-hour society with services always online. If an urgent matter arises, then of course, as a team player, I ramp up but there have been countless times, where I have:

  • changed my working days on short notice;
  • stopped working/cut short meetings because of the school run;
  • made up contracted hours on a non-contracted working day;
  • worked from different locations (including 200 miles away); and
  • worked vastly different hours to the rest of TMT Analysis during a monthly religious observation period.

Working for a growing and young business with a young family is not something that should be discounted, instead it should be curiously and seriously discussed – it may well be the saviour so many Legal professionals with family commitments have been waiting for!


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