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Mobile Number Verification Online: What Are the Benefits?

Imagine you get a slew of phone numbers, so you celebrate all of those new customers. But when you message them, the texts bounce.

Phone number verification online can be a great way to filter out fake numbers and scammers. That way, you can know when you get new genuine customers.

Read on to learn about the benefits of mobile number verification.

Verify Identities

One of the most significant benefits of phone number verification online is that it can help verify someone’s identity. When you get a new customer to place an order, for example, you may want to verify their information.

Sure, you can look up their phone number manually, and that might work when you first start your business. But as your business grows, you may get too many orders to do the verification yourself.

By requiring a special security code, you can ensure that the customer has a valid phone number. That way, you’ll have a way to contact them when there’s a problem with their order.

If you can’t verify the number, you may be able to determine it’s a scam. Or, if the customer is real, they can reenter the correct number if they mistyped it.

Harder for Scammers

Scammers can do a lot with fake emails, and it doesn’t take a lot of work on their part. Creating and validating an email address doesn’t require much time.

However, when you require people to verify a phone number, scammers may not go through those steps. Phone number verification means the scammer needs to have a SIM card from a legitimate company.

Some scammers may not want to go through the trouble of setting up a SIM card for each number they have. Other scammers may get through that step, but you won’t have as many bad actors to worry about.

Fortunately, what is hard for scammers is easy for real users. They will already have a phone they can use, so the verification process will be quick and simple.

Reduce Fake Users

Because phone number verification is difficult for scammers, you can keep fake users out of your system. Whether you have an eCommerce store or another business, you need to keep everyone and everything safe.

Using some phone number verification tips, you shouldn’t have to worry about new fake users. However, when you implement a phone number verifications process, you can send it to current users.

Then, all of your real customers will be able to verify their identities. But the scammers won’t be able to get past that step, so you can remove them from your list of phone numbers.

Being able to clean your list of mobile numbers can help your business run more efficiently. You won’t have as many numbers to manage, and the numbers you do keep will be for people who care about your business.

Improve User Base Value

As you get rid of the fake numbers on your list, you may see an increase in the value of your user base. When you only have real users, you will be able to sell to them and not scammers.

That can help improve the average value of each phone number you have. And you can make sure that real people are viewing your website and purchasing from you.

While you may still have hard-working scammers on your list, that number will be minimal. If you can get rid of all scammers, you won’t have to worry about decreasing the user base value.

Help Users Sign In

Another benefit of phone number verification online is that you can use it continually. Of course, you’ll use the process when a new customer signs up for an account or buys a product.

You can make the initial sign-up process easy on your customers because they can verify their identities quickly. That way, they don’t have to wait for manual verification to place an order.

But customers can use the verification system whenever they forget their password. It also comes in handy if users need to log in on a public computer or another device they hardly use.

Another time when phone number verification is useful is if a user has been inactive for a while. You may also use the system to ensure the right person is using the account when changing profile information, such as an address.

Approve Transactions

If you have an eCommerce store, you need to make sure you’re sending items to real people. When you don’t verify a customer’s phone number, you might send them their order to their given address.

However, they could be a scammer using a fake payment method. The payment may bounce, but if you’ve already sent the order, you could lose that money.

Using phone number verification can help you ensure you’re sending orders to genuine customers. That way, you can keep from sending orders to scammers who will steal the product.

Better Delivery

After you use phone number verification for orders, you can use the process to help with delivery. Phone numbers are a great way to communicate with customers about their order status.

It can be quicker than email, so customers will know where their package is. On delivery day, the carrier will be able to contact the customer in case there’s a problem with the delivery.

Sure, you can use email to send updates. However, your customers may not check their email as often as they do their phone, so a text message may get to them more easily.

Quick to Implement

Fortunately, you don’t have to develop phone number verification technology from scratch. Use existing systems and programs to make creating your system quick and easy.

All you’ll have to do is plug in the information for your business and let the process go to work. Of course, you can do more work to customise the system to meet your needs.

However, you don’t need to spend weeks or months developing the technology. That can hold your business back and give scammers more time to infiltrate your company.

By utilising our latest API technology, you can start using it soon. Then, you will be able to get rid of scammers and ensure all of your customers are real people with valid numbers.

Ease of Use

When adding any new process or technology to your business, you need to consider the experience. A good phone number verification system will be easy to learn and use for you and your customers.

You won’t have to create a complex system with a massive learning curve. Once you choose a phone number verification online tool, you can start to use it.

Plus, your customers will be able to understand how to verify their numbers. The right system should only require a couple of steps from users.

Of course, they’ll need to enter their phone number online. Then, your system should send them a unique code that they can enter online to verify their number.

Worldwide Reach

Phone number verification advantages also include the fact that people use mobile phones all over the world. There are more than 5.27 billion people who use cell phones.

If you want your business to market to people around the globe, you should use phone number verification. Sure, you can use email addresses to verify identities.

However, a lot of people have their mobile phones on hand throughout the day. That makes it easy for users to verify who they are without a ton of extra work.

The easier you can make it on your global customers, the more you can increase your reach. Then, you’ll find growing your business isn’t as difficult as it could be.

Decrease Costs

Phone number verification online can also help you save money in your business. Maybe a customer needs to reset their password, so they have to contact customer service for help.

If you get a lot of those enquiries each day, that can take up a lot of time. To make sure you have time to help with other issues, you might need to hire more customer service representatives.

On the other hand, consider letting customers reset their password after verifying their phone number. They won’t have to contact customer service, so your team can focus on bigger issues.

You can also decrease costs by decreasing the risk of hackers learning passwords. When they learn of passwords, they might place fraudulent orders that look real, and those can cost your business a lot of money.

Save Time

Because you don’t have to spend as much time or money on customer service, you can save time elsewhere. Your customer service team can focus on resolving wrong orders and similar problems.

Phone number verification benefits your business by also saving time on manual verification. If you want to verify phone numbers without software, you may need to spend all day calling people.

This might not take a lot of time when you first start your business. However, if you get a lot of new customers each day, it can take up a good chunk of your schedule.

Improve Customer Experience

All of these phone number verification advantages can give your customers a better experience. They can place an order whenever it’s convenient, and they don’t have to take a phone call from you.

Your customers also don’t have to call your business for help with small issues. Plus, you can make sure your customers don’t mistype their phone numbers, making them impossible to contact.

Maybe you require them to verify their number before placing an order. In most cases, they will be able to do so on their first try.

But perhaps a customer accidentally entered a digit incorrectly. They will know when they don’t receive a confirmation text, and they can change the number then to get a better ordering and delivery experience.

Implement SMS Marketing

You might already use email marketing to communicate with your target audience. However, SMS marketing can be another excellent way to contact people.

Like with other marketing methods, you can promote products or specific sales through text messages. If you’re able to verify phone numbers, you can make sure your messages reach the right people.

Plus, by purging fake numbers, you can keep from wasting money. Some SMS providers may limit how many phone numbers you can text before you have to pay more.

That can add up to a lot of money over time, even with just a few fake phone numbers. So make sure you verify the numbers before you start sending mass texts.

Make It Unique

Another one of the best phone number verification advantages is the ability to customise your messages. You can create messages that fit with your brand and voice to improve brand recognition.

That way, customers will know when you send them promotional text messages or messages to verify their account. A customer may feel better about verifying their phone number when they know the message isn’t too generic.

You’ll also be able to send the types of messages you want to your customers. Whether you want to send marketing texts or only use verification messages, you can do that.

Having that control can make you and your customers feel better. A generic message may be fine, but it doesn’t have the same charm as a message with your company’s branding.

Mobile Number Verification Online Made Easy

Phone number verification online can seem unnecessary, but it may become a crucial part of your business. If you have to verify numbers manually, you can waste a lot of time and money.

And if you don’t verify them at all, you may become a victim of a scam. So make sure you protect your business and customers with a good phone number verification system.

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