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What is the difference between Mobile Verification and Customer Authentication?

TMT Analysis’ TeleShield Service Introduces a Score and Assessment Level for Telephony Fraud Detection

TMT Analysis services power many of the world’s leading identity providers, A2P SMS Messaging companies and CPaaS organisations, delivering actionable insights that enhance and protect every stage of the customer experience.

Is telephony fraud affecting your bottom line, impacting your company from both a financial and customer satisfaction perspective? Are you seeing reduced profitability being caused by your company being a victim of International Premium Rate Number (IPRN) fraud schemes, interconnect by-pass fraud, ‘high-jacking’ of Mobile Station Routing Numbers (MSRNs) or other disruptive elements? If you are experiencing these situations, TMT’s TeleShield service provides you the ability to stop these cost and revenue impacting schemes.

How can TMT help? TMT Analysis has access to detailed global intelligence about numbers used for voice or SMS messaging. TMT’s TeleShield service identifies potential fraud indicators and enables the customer to take preventive actions to win against attempts of fraudsters to inflict damage using: International Revenue Share Fraud (ISRF), Wangiri (one-ring) fraud, Originating Number/Calling Line Identity (CLI) Spoofing, Origin Based Rating (OBR) fraud, Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT)/SMS Pumping as well as other disruptive elements (e.g., flash calls). The TeleShield service consolidates data attributes from multiple sources and uses its analytic expertise to determine the propensity for a telephone number to be fraudulent. This puts the power to take action on telephony fraud in our customers’ hands.

The large number of data attributes available can make it difficult to know when and what action to take. The TMT TeleShield service has enhanced the usability of the attributes for a telephone number by assigning a score and an assessment level (high, medium, low) to each number queried These additional data points enable service providers to prioritize what action to take to protect their business (e.g., block, flag or allow a call). As an example, if analysis of a telephone number attributes confirms that the number has not been made available to a service provider to assign to a subscriber, the assessment level would be ‘high’. The service provider can put in place business rules that block such calls before they trigger a cost impact.



 Patricia Bonanni

Patricia Bonanni


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