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TMT Analysis partners with Six Degrees Labs to tackle telephony fraud

TMT Analysis partners with Six Degrees Labs to tackle telephony fraud

1st of December 2023

London, December 2023

TMT Analysis, a leading provider of global numbering intelligence, has partnered with Six Degrees Labs Ltd, a supplier of innovative, real-time  fraud prevention mitigation solutions. As part of the partnership, TMT and Six Degrees will combine their unique expertise to strengthen their respective solutions.


TMT’s TeleShield service detects and enables the customer to block interconnect by-pass fraud as well as other disruptive elements (e.g., flash calls). It provides data to identify the propensity for a telephone number to be fraudulent for both voice and messaging traffic, putting the power to address telephony fraud in our customers’  hands. TMT data powers many of the world’s leading identity providers, A2P SMS Messaging companies and CPaaS  organisations, delivering actionable insights that enhance and protect every  stage of the customer experience.

Six Degrees Labs Ltd collaboration with TMT will allow its customers to reduce the financial impact of fraud that utilizes invalid numbers. TMT’s TeleShield service can confirm the validity of both originating (calling)  and terminating (called) telephone numbers. For specialized use cases, TeleShield also has the ability to perform real-time HLR queries to confirm whether a telephone number has been assigned to a subscriber.  


John Wilkinson, CEO, TMT Analysis said: “Telephony fraud is growing in complexity as more and more operators introduce charging based on the origination as well as the termination of international voice calls. Partnering with Six Degrees Labs Ltd will increase the robustness of TMT solutions. The Six Degrees team are experts in fraud protection, especially in the African market.

TeleShield enables companies such as Six Degrees Labs Ltd to detect and defend their customers from Origin Based Rating (OBR), International Revenue Share Fraud (ISRF), Wangiri (one-ring) fraud, and any telephony event that has takes advantage of the use of invalid numbers, including Artifically Inflated traffic. (AIT). This enables protection of the profitability and reputation of their customers.

With our global number intelligence, TeleShield provides enhanced visibility on telephone numbers as they are being processed. It highlights  potential fraud risks, which ultimately enables improving margins and the quality of service provided.”


Bryan Rowe CEO  Six Degrees Labs Ltd said: “Working with TMT’s TeleShield service has  expanded our ability to detect fraud and minimise the risk to our business. TeleShield brings peace of mind and the opportunity to stop fraud before it affects our customers’ bottom line or the service.

Market feedback is that the most effective Fraud prevention solutions must monitor traffic and data, and enable blocking of calls in real-time. Six Degrees Labs Ltd offers such a solution. If you are analysing traffic after it occurs to detect fraudulent behaviour, then the fraud has already happened and you are now just measuring the damage and hoping to reduce it.

Connecting to the TeleShield service was very straight-forward and we were able to integrate it seamlessly into our existing routing infrastructure. The service has helped identify fraudulent numbers, many of which were being used for flash calls. TeleShield brings peace of mind and the opportunity to identify calls with a propensity to be fraudulent,  and block them as authorized by customers. For Six Degrees Labs Ltd to continue to provide successful industry-proven Fraud solutions, it is essential to have partners such as TMT Analysis who have in-depth knowledge and experience in providing high availability,  global telephone number intelligence  solutions.”


About TMT Analysis

TMT Analysis is a leading provider of KYC and fraud prevention information and intelligence on mobile numbers and devices globally. Our services are used by banks and financial services, social networking companies, e-commerce sites, insurance, technology and gaming organisations around the world. The superfast TMT network handles hundreds of millions of data queries every day, delivering information that protects businesses and keeps customers safe.


About Six Degrees Labs Ltd  

Six Degrees Labs Ltd enables customers to identify and stop telephony fraud using In-Network hardware and software solutions. Six Degrees’ solutions protect Operators from many types of fraud. Headquartered in the UK, they have global presence, distributed across five countries. Some companies focus on big data, others on fast data, while others focus on real-time processing. Six Degrees Labs Ltd does all of these by offering  a platform that  can execute live event processing and control, handling over 250,000 transactions per second on a single network.


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