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How Do You Know A Phone Number Supplied Is Valid And Active?

How To Know If a Mobile Number Provided Is Valid

From shopping online to applying for jobs more and more companies are now asking customers or applicants to add a mobile number to online forms. But how do you know the number supplied is valid and true and active, and not just made up?

The short answer is that it depends on what you mean by ‘valid’ and there are 2 main ways that you one can answer that question.

To put it into context, at the very least a valid number must be the following:

  • The right length
  • Have the right prefix (for example in the UK mobile numbers typically start with ‘07’)
  • Belong to an allocated range (because not all possible numbers are allocated to phone service providers)

You’d be amazed how many fraudsters just put in a fake number that ‘looks about right’ especially if they give an international number. Many businesses, who aren’t specialists in numbering intelligence, wouldn’t know a valid number from a fake one.

How Do You Know If A Mobile Number Provided Is Active

Secondly, how can you tell if the number is active? For this a different solution is needed.

Because network operators allocate numbers from within their ranges as they bring on new customers, it’s difficult to tell a valid number from a real (in service) one. You can’t really do this without doing some kind of real-time check at the network level, but if you do, you can be sure that the number you’re looking it is truly ‘valid and active’

At TMT Analysis, we offer customers both of these options.

Our vast global numbering database offers a fast and low-cost check which will tell you if a number is valid in milliseconds. We can then provide a real-time mobile network check to spot the difference between an unallocated number and one that’s actively in use. Our number plan information covers the whole world and is updated daily, so your risk of getting fooled by totally fake numbers can become a thing of the past.

Depending upon your need for certainty, we’ve got something to offer you.  

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