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TMT Creates A Real Time Phone Number Credibility Score

Obviously, here at TMT we know more about the humble telephone number than almost anyone else in the world would ever want to know. And that’s great, but our challenge is always how we can pass on this level of detail to customers in a way that can both add value and limit complexity at the same time. 

 It might seem obvious now but during 2023 we’ve been working hard to try and take all of this knowledge and enable it for our customers, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve done it, and it’s called TMT Score.

TMT Score is an intelligent scoring algorithm that combines numerous different data sets together, looks at the significance of each in the context of both themselves and each other, and blends the output into a single number that sums up everything that we know.

This is something that customers have been asking us to provide for a long time, and from day one across approx. 60 non-European countries we are in a position to answer some of the fundamental questions that brands ask (or should ask) when they receive a number from a prospective customer, namely:

  • Is this a real number?
  • Has this number been around for a while or has it just appeared recently?
  • Does it belong to a ‘bog’ standard set (range) of numbers or is there anything unusual/special about it?
  • Does it have a wider associations around the Internet suggestive of it either being high risk or belonging to a bonafide real person?

In the end, these are the kind of questions that much of the data around the industry to trying to answer, and we know that some organisations will still prefer to take in lots of raw data and make their own decisions; which is fine by us; but Score represents a massive opportunity to simplify this process for many, as well as getting a service that will learn, ingest more data and become more intelligent as time goes on. 


Neil Downing

Neil Downing


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