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How Does Age Verification Work Using A Mobile Number?

How Does Age Verification Work Using A Mobile Number?

Traditional age verification methods such as by self-declaration, where users are simply asked to input their age or date of birth are becoming a thing of the past. Not only are they easily fooled but regulations and compliance are no longer allowing this as an acceptable method of verifying a customer’s age.

Whilst there are a few solutions that add further integrity to verifying a customer’s age, most of these add friction to the user journey and therefore increase abandonment. The good news is at TMT we have age verification technology that adds no friction and relies on something that never leaves our side; a mobile phone. Before we get into the how let’s first explore what we mean by age verification.

What is an age verification solution?

Age verification has become an essential component of various online services. From social media platforms to e-commerce websites, many organisations need to ensure that their users meet the age requirements for accessing certain content or making purchases.

An age verification solution is a process used to confirm that an individual is of a certain age before granting access to restricted content or services. The solution typically involves verifying the user’s age information against a trusted and reliable source. This ensures compliance with legal obligations and helps protect both the users and the service providers.

What’s the difference between estimating age and verifying age?

Estimating age involves making assumptions based on certain characteristics or behaviours. For example, asking users to input their date of birth or selecting an age bracket during the registration process would be classed as estimating age. While this method is easy to implement, it is also highly unreliable, as anyone can provide false information to gain access to age-restricted content or services.

On the other hand, verifying age involves confirming the user’s age using more secure and reliable methods. One such method is using a mobile number. By validating the user’s mobile number, service providers can ensure that the person trying to access age-restricted content or services is of legal age. This method is more effective as it relies on an existing database of verified mobile numbers tied to individuals’ identities. Therefore making it much more difficult for underage users to bypass age restrictions by providing false information.

Age verification has become an essential component of various online services.

The Benefits of Using a Mobile Number or Device for Age Verification

Accuracy of Data: Age verification using a mobile number provides a higher level of accuracy compared to estimating age. As mobile numbers are unique to each individual, verifying age via a mobile number reduces the risk of users providing false information.

Increased Security: Mobile number verification adds an extra layer of security by being able to link a user’s mobile number to their identity and the device being used. This ensures that age verification is tied to a specific individual, minimising the chances of fraudulent activity or misuse.

Convenience: Most individuals own a mobile phone, and it is a familiar process for them to provide their mobile numbers. This method eliminates the need for additional steps or documentation, making the verification process seamless and much less time consuming.

Compliance with Regulations: Many industries, such as gambling, alcohol, and adult content, have strict regulations regarding age restrictions. By using a mobile number for age verification, service providers can establish compliance with these regulations (AML & KYC), avoiding legal issues and potential penalties.

Seamless Integration: Using our API integrating age verification software is relatively easy for service providers. There are various API’s and software solutions available that seamlessly integrate with existing systems, making it a convenient option for businesses of all sizes.

The Benefits of Using a Mobile Number or Device for Age Verification

Age verification using a mobile number and mobile device is a reliable and efficient method for ensuring compliance with age restrictions. By moving away from estimating age and adopting verification methods that leverage mobile numbers, service providers can enhance security, accuracy, and convenience for their users.

Implementing an age verification solution not only benefits users but also helps organisations maintain legal compliance and protect their platforms from underage access. Get in touch with our experts today and see how you can implement age verification in seconds.

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