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Streamlining The Customer Verification Process in The Online Gaming Industry

Person playing poker online using customer verification

The online gaming sector is filled with both opportunity and risk. As online gaming revenues have exploded over the past decades, industry professionals also know and understand that the problems associated with fake accounts and fraudulent activity have also dramatically increased too. In fact, it’s estimated that online gambling fraud has increased 50% in Q1 […]

What Your Phone Number Says About You

Woman using phone for mobile number verification

Warning – please don’t read on unless statistics about something you’ve probably never thought of is your thing. So, it might be because I’m at heart a frustrated techie these days; or it might be because I did my first pub quiz in a long time over the weekend and re-discovered my passion for trivia; […]

Using Mobile Device Intelligence to Reduce Financial Crime Risk

The cost of fraud for the United Kingdom is over £190 billion per year, according to the National Crime Agency’s latest data. Cybercrime has also reached record-setting levels as online services increased during pandemic lockdowns over recent years. British residents are more likely to experience cybercrime than any other criminal activity. The U.K. has even been […]

Why Older Customers Are Not The ‘Easy Targets’ Scammers Think

Old person using a mobile phone

By Fergal Parkinson, Co-founder and Director of TMT Analysis There’s a curious mutual awareness between fraudsters and their victims. The scam merchants know that the older their intended victim, the more susceptible they may be to falling for a carefully-constructed confidence trick – whether that’s  revealing their account details believing they’re talking to their own […]

Why are so many UK Fintech customers concerned about security?

Person using mobile phone outdoors

By Fergal Parkinson, Co-founder and Director of TMT Analysis   The fintech sector in the UK is surging, attracting investment on an unprecedented scale and hailed for its innovation and vision. Last year’s government-led review of UK Fintech by Sir Ron Kalifa was an official endorsement of an industry described as both world leading and a […]

How To Spot Mobile Account Fraud

Spotting Mobile Account Fraud

By Fergal Parkinson We’ve all seen them in multiple variations for years. My uncle has a diamond mine – the original and the greatest. We tried to deliver your parcel (even though you weren’t expecting one) Contact us to arrange the unlocking of your tax rebate. Yeah, right. The fraudsters simply never let up.  But […]

Why Elon’s problem with Twitter can be a problem for all of us

By Fergal Parkinson, Co-founder and Director of TMT Analysis   The world’s richest man has a few problems on his plate of late. It emerged this month that a senior executive at one of his companies had given birth to twins – of whom Elon Musk is reportedly the father. And at almost the same time, […]

The problem of Flash Calls

Graphic of hands holding a mobile device

By Lucian Gheorghe, CTO at TMT Analysis.  As part of my job at TMT Analysis I often discuss with customers about problems they are experiencing. More and more one of the problems that has been coming up more frequently is the issue of ‘Flash Calls’. What Are Flash Calls? In a nutshell, a Flash Call […]

How Mobile Device Intelligence Can Improve Digital Onboarding

As mobile users continue to expand the range of products and services they’re willing to access via their device, they also become more familiar with facing the different elements associated with completing a digital onboarding process. That said, there’s still no excuse for online focused businesses to be making this process more drawn out for […]